Dear Diary.


1. Entry One.

March, 21st  2014

  My mom got this stupid journal for my birthday. I'm only writing it in right now so she doesn't get upset.. I don't think journals have any point. I never have, they're just pages and pages of blankness. Just like my feelings. I have nothing much to wright about, I could talk about my grades in school. A's and B's mostly.. I could talk about my friends, I only have one, her name is Bailey she's the only person I get out of bed for. I could talk about my family but lately I don't feel like I have much of a family, I have a constant feeling of being alone.  This probably seems like some stupid teenage diary, like all the others. But, I don't have any stupid love story to tell, or any story's of getting into trouble with my friends and quite frankly, I don't think there will ever be. I'm not good enough for many people. My hand is getting tired so I'm going to go now. 



March 30th 2014,


Its been a few days since I've wrote in here. I guess I've just been busy. I have a very exciting story to tell! I was with Bailey and we were walking around the mall and met a guy named Ryan. We were all hanging out and he asked for my number! I feel like the light in my life is back.. I've never felt this way about someone before.. I know, cheesy but I really can put into words how this feels.  He said I'm pretty. I don't really know if that means anything but it does to me. I'm not sure if this is going anywhere but I hope it does. Bailey has a boyfriend named Jake,  so I hope Ryan asks me on a double date.  Thanks for listening, Bailey gets sick of hearing about it all the time. Wright to you later. Bye




• Authors Note •

this is one of the few authors notes I'm gonna do, just wanted to do one as an 'intro'   Sorry this is so short, its the first chapter of many I have planned. I really hope you like where this is going and I know it went fast but it's gonna slow down now that the introduction of the character ryan happened! Sorry for any typos, this is all over my phone so I mess up sometimes! thank you for reading, I plan on updating daily and hope you love it! sorry for the tackyness of this.. 

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