The Hidden Laughter Box

I got pregnant with his kid. He doesn't know that yet. When he comes back to my town for a tour will he remember me or not? Will he think it's his child or no? Read to find out in The Hidden Laughter Box.


2. What Is Going To Happen Now?

Me and Calum kept talking until my mom came in the room. "Calum you need to put your bags in the car. We are going to be leaving soon." Calum's face went blank. My mom was still standing in the living room watching us. "What does she mean by leaving soon?" I asked Calum. He didn't answer me. "Mom what do you mean by leaving soon since Calum isn't answering me." I turned to my mother. "They are going on tour. Why are you so worried?" she said/asked. "Have you always wondered who my sons father was?" I asked her, and she just nodded. "Well this boy who has a pale face is Benny's dad. I just got him back and now you are taking him away again. JUST FUCKING GREAT!" I yelled "Imani calm down, babe." Calum said to me. "Oh look he talks. How awesome? Well I hope you have fun on tour." I start to walk out but turn around. "Oh and one more thing Calum you can thank your manager for you not to see your child again, and mom don't expect me to ever think you are my mother." I said and walked up to my room. I heard footsteps coming after me,but I didn't care. I walked in my room, closed the door, and locked it before whoever was following me couldn't get in. They didn't bother knocking because on my son who was asleep in here. I wonder what is going to happen now. My son will grow up without his father just like I did. Bentley woke up and started crying. I grabbed him from his bed, opened my door, and walked down stairs. I saw all of the boys and their manager sitting in the kitchen. "I thought you were leaving?" I said through gritted teeth. "Well Imani, we have all talked and decided that you should come on tour with us" Luke says. I just stand there emotionless because how am I going to handle my 6 month old son and 4 teen age boys. "I will be staying here, and you will tour with them. You will take your son with you though." my mom told me. "No dip shit. I thought I would leave my son here with a total bitch" I said. "Calum will you come help me pack?" I asked him. He just nodded and followed me to my room. I put my son in his bouncer and turned hockey on for him. He loves to watch sports so much. I walked to my closet and got my suit cases and Benny's suit cases.

A/N: How was this chapter. I'm sorry they aren't long but I promise I will make the next chapter longer.

XOXO Tomhi!

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