The Hidden Laughter Box

I got pregnant with his kid. He doesn't know that yet. When he comes back to my town for a tour will he remember me or not? Will he think it's his child or no? Read to find out in The Hidden Laughter Box.


3. Their First Concert Of The Tour

While I started packing my stuff Calum started packing our sons stuff. Bentley started to cry. I remember what I was going to do when I walked down stairs, and the boys told me I was going on tour with them. "Cal, I will be right back. I got to make Bentley a bottle. Since I didn't get to because you told me I was going on tour with you guys." I said and looked back at him. He just nodded so I walked out of the room, and down stairs. I walked into the kitchen and see my best friend Bethany making out with Luke. "Don't eat him, Edwards!" I called out to her while getting the stuff for my son's bottle. They stopped kissing and Beth walked over to me. "Did he remember you?" She asked me. I just nodded and kept making the bottle. "I wasn't planning on telling him about Benny but he just had to cry while I was making his bottle earlier. I don't know what I'm going to do Beth" I cried and put my face in her neck. "Shh babe. It's alright. If it helps any Luke asked me to go on tour with you guys." she said comforting me. I lifted my head up and wiped my tears. "Really?!?!" I asked excited. She just nodded. "Ok go home and pack because we are leaving soon" I told her. She left and I finished making the bottle. I walked back upstairs to see that Calum had Bentley's stuff packed already and he was packing my stuff. When I walked in he was just starring in my bra and underwear drawer. "Calum!!" I yelled running over there and pulling him away from there. He just stood there laughing. "That's not funny!" I yelled and playfully punched his chest. "Can I feed him?" Cal asked me I just nodded because I have to finish packing. I handed him the bottle and told him to sit down. I grabbed Benny and put him in Calum's arms the way he is supposed to be. I walked away from them and started to pack again. When Calum was done feeding our son I had everything in my drawers packed, and I have a lot of drawers. Calum put Benny in his bouncer and came over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and put his chin on my shoulder. "What are your fans going to think about me and Bentley?" I asked while still packing. "Well you will probably get a lot of hate. Not just because your with me but because of your age and because of our child." He answered honestly. I nodded and got out of his grip to finish packing. By the time i was done it was time for me to start dinner. Yes I make dinner every night for me and my mom. "I'm going to make dinner for everybody. Want to come help me?" I asked Cal he nodded and followed me. 

*Skip to at the arena*

The boys, Beth, and I were in the boys' dressing room. "Soo. Cal you plan on being there for Bentley and Imani even though she is 14? Almost 15." Beth asked like protective best friend she is. Calum looked at me for a second before looking at my crazy red head best friend. "Beth, I will be there for them through everything. Age is just a number anyways, Right? Nobody can make me stop loving her. I will not go down without a fight." his answer made me happy and made Beth aww at him. "Have fun on stage. Love you." I said giving Cal and hug and kiss before he went on stage. In the middle of the concert Luke and Cal both started to talk. "Me and Luke would like to welcome some very special people on stage. Imani and Beth please come over here." Cal said while looking at us. I grabbed Bentley and we headed on stage. Beth was already out there standing next to Luke. After we we introduced Beth made me sing. I sang Little Things by One Direction. The concert was soon over and we were on our way to the next place. I was wrapped up in Calums' arms while Benny was asleep. The guys, Beth, and I were talking in the living room. 


A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. Been going through some tough times with family and and school. Love you guys. XOXO Tomhi <3 


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