The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


8. Unnoticed

Ray sat in the corner of the small attic, twiddling her thumbs. Mabel and her friends were too busy talking of boys and girly things. Ray rolled her eyes as they started a discussion on the stupid boy band, Sev'ral Timez. She blew her red bangs from her face.

Turning around, Ray thought she could see light blue eyes... doll's eyes. But she remembered what Girlie had told her. Bill said that the doll wasn't evil. It wasn't demonic. But Ray couldn't shake that gut feeling. She'd helped Dipper enough to know, go with your gut. But Bill is the only demon around.

"What do you think, Ray?" The paranoia girl heard Mabel ask. 

"Huh?" She replied. 

"We asked, who do you like most of Sev'ral Timez!" She replied. Ray, too bored and distracted to answer, stood up. She thought she heard rustling behind the door. It was way past midnight, so Ray considered it to be a trick of her brain. But when she heard the scratch at the attic door, she took a look.

Nothing was there, though Ray's stomach started to feel queasy. Something was watching her.

She didn't want to bother Prez or Girlie, both of whom were wary of her paranoia problems. And she sure as heck didn't want to bother Bill, who would probably add her intrusion to the list of reasons why he doesn't like her. So she decided to investigate on her own. She mumbled a goodbye to Mabel and her friends, who looked disappointed. 

Walking down, she saw Stan, who she still called Stanford. He mumbled something, and all she replied was, "Goodnight, Stanford."

She took  a flashlight and a jacket, stepping out into the cold, brisk night air. Making sure to take Mabel's grappling hook, as well.

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