The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


1. The Doll

"Look what I got!" Prez Cipher announced, running into the room her friend was staying in within the Mystery Shack.

Her friend, Ray Barnes, looked up from her book and blew a strand of bright red hair out of her face. She examined the box Prez held in her hands. She examined one of the dolls closely. "Oooh, Anna's pretty." Her eyes then wandered over to the other one - "OH SWEET DOCTOR!"

Queen Elsa stared up at her in doll form, her blue eyes wide and the corners of her pink lips pulled upwards in a very sinister-looking smile. Her head was tilted at the angle usually seen among mass murderers. She was the face of a generation of poorly-made Target Disney Princess dolls, all right.

"I know. She looks like she's plotting murder." Prez glanced at the box and cringed from the ice queen. "It'll just take some getting used to."

"Prez, what if that doll's -"

"Hush. Nonsense. Dolls can't be demonic. There's only one real demon in Gravity Falls, and he's not allowed to hurt you."

Ray stared at her untrustingly.

"If she's demonic, I owe you tickets for the bus ride home. Deal?"

"Okay . . . she's staying with you in the woods, right?"

"Of course. Unless you want to hold onto her."

"HELL no!"

"Suit yourself. I gotta go. See you later!"


Prez ran off, exiting the Shack with a quick 'hello' to Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos, and sprinted into the woods, where she essentially lived like a hermit with her demonic triangle for a husband.

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