The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


7. Stopped

Prez felt her sister clutch her nightgown tighter. She peeked an eye open to see the icy blue eye of the Elsa doll staring at her.

"Ugh, this again?"

"It's the eyes from my nightmare!"

"Girlie, it was just a dream. Nothing is going to happen. I promise."

While Prez managed to doze off to dreamland within minutes, it took Girlie an hour to calm down and fall asleep.


Finally, the fools were asleep. The doll slowly rose, having a little trouble with her slightly squeaky and stiff plastic joints. She grabbed a mechanical pencil that the teenager had been doodling with earlier, and slowly approached the sleeping girls.

She approached the younger one, lifted the pencil high over her head, and . . . 


Bill didn't need sleep, and when he got it, it was just to waste time while his wife got some much-needed rest. A side effect of this was being a notoriously light sleeper when he did.

It was because of this that he heard the squeaking of the doll's poorly-made limbs. He jumped off the couch and hurried into the bedroom, ready to grab the doll.

And he did manage to grab it. Just as it was bringing the mechanical pencil down, just before it made contact with the nine-year-old's skin, he closed his hand around it and began to walk out.

"I bet you thought you could trick me, huh?"

The blue eyes feigned innocence.

"Oh, don't play dumb. I know what you are. I've dealt with your kind before."


"I'm just going to warn you . . . nobody, not even a doll, messes with Prez or her sister unless they want to deal with me."

And with that, he turned sharply back towards the cabin, tossing the doll over his shoulder.

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