The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


3. Reunion

     Girlie walked into the Mystery Shack. She rarely was on time for anything, and this time, she was late for summer at the Pines' residence. She knew her friend Ray was already there, and she was dreading it. She had insisted to come along after Prez's constant rambling about it. She loved Ray, and she was a great friend, but she was hyper and paranoid, and the nine-year-old felt like an adult in her presence.

      "Hello?" she called, entering. She was greeted by a fake attraction of the bottom half of a trout and the top half of an Ariel Barbie doll. It was labeled "Real Mermaid."

     "Yeah. Whatever, " Girlie grumbled. The tourist trap thing was getting annoying.

     She hiked up the stairs to the attic. "Hey, Ray," she tonelessly said, dropping her stuff on the top bunk of the bunk bed. "I need to see Prez; I'll come back later."

     "Wait. If Prez shows you her new dolls, come back and tell me what you think."

     "Ooookaaay," Girlie agreed reluctantly, feeling that this was just one of Ray's stories, like the time she was convinced Mari Anne was a zombie. She left the attic and headed for her sister's home.


     Girlie arrived at the cabin in the woods. Her little hand rapped on the door five times. She hadn't seen her sister in a year, since she moved, and she missed her terribly. She didn't even come for her birthday party in May, although Girlie had moved it to fit her schedule. The door opened, ad Girlie threw her arms around Prez. She squealed, "Prezzie!"

     "Girlie!" She returned the hug.

     "I missed you! And also-" Girlie hit Prez hard in the arm.

     "Ow! What was that for?"

     "You said you would be at my birthday party, but you weren't. You were at the movie theater, seeing Wreck-It Ralph 2. You ignored me for a dumb sequel!"

     "Look, I'm sorry. Bill got us advanced tickets, and I couldn't ignore that."

     "Well, I had a lame party. Ray got the flu, and Marianne was the only one there! Even most the family was busy. Zombie was at Fantasy's house having a study date. Ketsia was upset over her boyfriend breaking up with her. Ink just decided to avoid me. It was just me, Mom, and Mari Anne! It was the worstest! Uh, worst," she quickly corrected herself.

     "You are such a drama queen."

     "Whatever," Girlie replied in a most drama-queenly manner.

     "Well, I got you a present. One second." Prez disappeared, and Girlie wandered inside. "Hey, Bill." She waved at Bill, who lay on the couch, staring at the TV set.

     "Shh," he replied rudely. Girlie wanted to thump him in the head, but thought better. Nowadays, he was only rude when he was in the mad mood equivalent of ten girls on their periods.

     "What's got Bill's panties in a twist?"

     "He and October had a fight."

     "Oh." Prez thrust a little box in her hands, and Girlie tore it open. She allowed her mouth to fall to the floor. "You didn't!"

     "Just don't tell Stan."

     "I can't believe it!"

     "And they're not the original. I just got them copied."

     "Each one? Word for word?"

     "Yup. Took forever," Prez replied as Girlie took the books out. Exact replicas of Journals One, Two, and Three. They looked perfect in every detail. Girlie would have been convinced  they were the real thing. Girlie peered in the box and chuckled.

     "And my very own Journal Four?"

     "Might as well have something to write down the weirdness of Gravity Falls in."

     "This is great! I love it! I can't wait to write my first entry... perhaps on that..." Her hazel eyes caught a glimpse of the Elsa doll, which was in a sitting position, staring at her. "What on Skaro?"

     "Oh! That's my Elsa doll! Isn't she great?" Prez glanced over to the dresser. "Weird though. I thought I put her on Anna's other side."

     Please tell me we don't have a killer doll on our hands. I didn't like Chucky from Child's Play as it is.

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