The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


5. Ray

Ray heard the door to the room open, deciding to look up. Ray saw Girlie closing the door, four books in her hands. She walked over to her bed, dumping the books on the small table next to it. She scrambled ontk the bed, sitting on it. Ray looked to Girlie.

"Are those...?" Ray started. Girlie nodded.

"Replicas of all three Journals, plus my own." Girlie said. Ray jumped up, practically running over. She looked at the nine year old, who was four years younger than her.

"Let me guess; Prez?" She asked. Girlie, in turn, nodded her head. Ray let a smile spread across her lips, as she quivered with excitement. And then she remembered something important.

"The Elsa doll," Ray said, and Girlie nodded.

"Looks murderous, yet it wouldn't be demonic, Ray. Bill said so," Girlie replied. Ray hung her head, knowing that Bill could tell if it was demonic, or not. He was a demon, after all. And... she didn't want to question him. He had a bad side, even if Prez looked past it.

"Fine. But if it is, you BOTH have to buy me a bus ticket outta here. Or... or..." a smile crept up Ray's face, her eyes growing wide. "Or... YOU BOTH HAVE TO HELP ME DEFEAT IT!" Ray yelled. Girlie shook her head, experiencing one of Ray's monster-fighting paranoia's. Always annoying, always nothing. At least for this time...

Ray had nodded a goodbye to Girlie, as Ray was coaxed into a sleepover with Mabel and her friends, Candy and Grenda. Girly things. Ugh. Things that Ray will never do, such as dress up, or talk about boys. She was more into the mysteries-of-Gravity-Falls kind of thing. Only way more hyper.

"Hi." Ray mumbled in salutation to Candy and Grenda. Mabel was practically shaking in her shoes. Grenda and Candy both gave a 'hello.'

"Friends!" Mabel yelled, hugging both the girls. Ray stood to the side, when Mabel looked at her. Ray was about two years older than Mabel, much less huggy. But Mabel insisted, dragging Ray into the hug.

This was going to be a long night. Maybe even a little murderous.

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