The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


6. Nightmares

     She was running. She knew that much. She knew it was dangerous, but she didn't know why. She didn't even know what is was. It was evil, and its laugh was spine-tingling. Girlie hated running, so whenever she could, she hid behind a tree, waiting for the creature to pass, but she got scared when it came within twenty feet of her, and she took off again. It was a cycle.

     A terrifying cycle.

     A cycle that stopped when she tripped. A cloak of darkness draped over her, plunging her into the pitch black, as the thing captured her. She remembered the eyes before she woke up, screaming.


     "Prez!" Girlie's breathing was ragged. She realized Prez wasn't there for her.  She wasn't right next to her to comfort her when she had a nightmare.

     Ever since Prez had moved with Bill, Girlie's nightmares had gotten more violent. (It even made her Insomnia go crazy, because she was scared to sleep.) She had her fair share of normal nightmares, the ones with boogymen, but she usually suffered from the worst. The realistic ones.

     Bill didn't turn out to be what he said. He killed Prez.

     Prez abandoned Girlie.

     Girlie ran away, and got lost in the woods.

     The Appleshines got in a car wreck, and only she lived.

     Girlie woke up surrounded by zombies, attempting to slurp her brains out.

     Girlie calmed down some, but she couldn't help but let her mind wander to what crept in the shadows. The fear of the dark she had developed over the Vashta Nerada that had recently disappeared returned. She needed someone.

     She thought about asking Ray, but she decided to go to Prez. Her sister could always comfort her, no matter the situation. She could cheer her up, whether it was by playing a messed up role play that was extremely screwed up, or simply talking to her.

     Girlie rolled off the top bunk, slamming into the ground, and earning a bruised butt. She scrambled up and dug in her robe's pocket until she found her Sonic Screwdriver. She thought about slipping into a pair of pajama pants before running out there, but recalling the nightmare, she decided to just slip on her robe and get to Prez's as soon as possible. She crept out the Shack, flipping on the Sonic Screwdriver every now and then, attempting to use it as a flashlight, but not wanting to wake people up with the noise. 

     She opened the door a slit and squeezed out. She turned the Sonic Screwdriver on, and not caring about the pulsing anymore, she left it on. 

     She strolled through the woods, hopping at every snap of a twig. She began to regret her decision. She had, after all, spent several years without Prez's comfort, and she had gotten somewhat used to it. But this nightmare felt… different.

    Girlie made it to the cabin eventually. She knocked, and the door creaked open. Prez stood there. "Girlie? What are you doing here?" she grumbled, surprised.

     "I - I had a bad dream. There was something in the woods after me."

     "So... you went through the woods?" She didn't sound too convinced about the truth, but she sighed and let her in. "You didn't even put on slippers? Or pants?"

     "I'm wearing a robe!" Girlie protested.

     "It's so dark out. How could you see anything? You're not even wearing your glasses."

     Girlie shined her Sonic Screwdriver in Prez's face in answer. "You sound like our mom."

     "No, I don't!"

     "Yeah, you do. Doesn't she, Bill?"

     "Huh? Yeah, whatever," Bill answered, not paying attention. He was falling asleep on the couch, and he didn't seem to want to be bothered by his young sister-in-law, who was, in his mind, just trying to get attention. It was no secret that somewhere, deep down, he cared for her at least a little. But he also felt she could be a bit possessive over her sister. They were glued at the hip, and when Prez moved, Girlie called all the time, until Bill convinced her the landline got disconnected.

     "Girlie, seriously. Why are you here?"

     "I told you. I had a bad dream. I was being chased. It got me. It had these... scary eyes that pierced into me. I had to come to you. I need you, Prezzie."

     Prez sighed. She was hoping for a quiet night, but it was obvious she wasn't going to get one. She sat on the bed, and Girlie climbed on, explaining in extreme detail the night mare. When she was done, Prez hugged her some, and told her it was all okay, and that it was a only just a dream.

     Girlie felt fine, until she saw them...

     The eyes.

     The doll's eyes. 

     They were straight from the dream.

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