Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


25. Chapter 25

Zayn POV

I can't believe today is my wedding day. I can't wait for Diana to walk down the aisle with her beautiful dress. When it comes to the I Do she will be mine forever and no man can touch her.

I went to get my tuxedo and put it on. My mum called me and I went downstairs and straight to the church to wait for Diana.

~At the church~

I went inside and everyone applauded for me. I saw the boys. Louis is my best men because I trust him and his like brother. I walk down the aisle and stand at the stage to wait for the bride.

Diana POV

I look in the mirror. I can't believe it. Is this true or am I just dreaming. Suddenly someone knock on my door. "Honey are you ready?" Zayn's mum said through the door. "Yeah be right there." I get out from my room and went to the church.

I need to walk down the aisle alone cuz my dad is on overseas. I wish my mum could see this I miss her. I think she would be proud of me. The door was opened and everyone stand up and look at me.

I feel so nervous my hands are sweaty thank god I wore a gloves. I went to the stage and grabbed Zayn's hand. He mouthed "you look so beautiful." I blushed and said "thanks."

"We are here to...." Yeah yeah yeah no one want to hear you talk. When it comes to the I do part. "Will you Diana Andrew take Zayn Malik to be your beloved husband?" "I do." "And will you Zayn Malik take Diana Andrew to be your beloved wife?" "Hell yes..I mean I do." I smiled at him. "I pronounced you husband and and wife you may kiss the bride."

Zayn grab my waist and pulled me into a passionate kiss. We run down the aisle and out from the church. I threw my flower and it went to my friend Ariana. I laughed. We get into the car and waved everyone a goodbye. "I can't wait for tonight." Zayn said as he touched my thigh. I feel nervous yet excited.

Hey guys hope you like it. This is the end of the story and I'm making a sequel. Pls like it and comment. Thanks. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3. The sequel is called Our Marriage Life.

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