Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


21. Chapter 21

Diana POV

We were at zayn house and it was huge. I went out from the car and carry my bag to the house. Zayn open the door for me an said "Come in this will be our house when we get married. I bought this house before I propose you."

I blushed. That is the sweetest thing that a man did to me. We went inside and I asked him "Where is my room?" Zayn looked at me and said "You went upstairs the second door to your left." He smiled. I went upstairs to my room and put my bag at the floor.

I went to the walk in closet and changed into a black tank top and shorts. I slowly lay down in my bed to get some sleep when suddenly the door open and someone was spooning me. I jumped up shocking and took the blanket to cover me.

"What are you doing here? This is my room please get out." Zayn looked at me confused and said "Honey this is our room." I looked at him and said "Can I have my own room? I know that you are my fiancé but I haven't trust you 100% yet I'm sorry."

"Nevermind I understand" he replied. He went out the room and close the door. I sighed. I went back to bed and drifted to sleep.

Hey guys! I'm sorry it took me so long to update cuz I'm so busy. I will update more if I had time. Pls comment and like thanks!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3

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