Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


19. Chapter 19

Zayn POV

I woke up to a white room. There was a beeping sound beside me. My head was pounding so hard. I can't remember anything beside the accident that I have earlier on.

The accident!! Diana! OMG I totally forgot about her. I got up and walked out from my room to Diana's room. I went to the desk and ask the nurse. She said that Diana was at room 465.

I ran quickly to her room. I opened the door revealing her on the bed and her face was pale. The doctor came in and said "Are you her boyfriend?" I nodded. "Well she was in a coma and when she woke up she will never remember anything."

I was shocked to hear that Diana will forget about me. I cry and held Diana hand and kissed it. I decided to sleep with her tonight. I slept beside her and brushing her hair.

~The next morning~

I woke up and saw Diana eyes was open. She was shocked and say "What are you doing here? Who are you and what have you done to me?" I quickly hugged her but she pushed me away.

"Relaks babe it's only me your boyfriend." She looked confused and said "Are you really my boyfriend?" I nodded. She said "What happened to me and when we started dating?" I told her the story.

She giggled at some part and it was cute. "Are we getting married?" I nodded and said "Look at your finger." She looked at it and smiled. I know that she didn't remember me but I can't forced her to remember.

Hey guys sry for the late update cuz I was busy with my school work. Hope you like this chapter even though it was short.

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