Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


15. Chapter 15

Diana POV

After I finished showering I went to open the door and revealed Zayn infront of me. He lean closer to me. I moved away and he end up kissing the wall. That was hilarious.

He open his eyes and shocked. He turned around and said "why are you moving away from me?" I ignored his question and change into a blue tank top and shorts.

Zayn kept looking at me and said "you're so hot babe." I blushed. I walked towards him and wrap my arms around him and kissed him slowly. He pushed me on the bed at kiss me eagerly.

I pulled out and said "relax babe." He smiled and got up. He went to the bathroom and closed the door. I took my hair dryer and sat on the couch. I was drying my hair when Zayn came out and wrap his arms around my waist. I jumped out of my sit cuz I'm shocked and place the hair dryer at his face.

"OMG!! It's so hot!!" He yelled. I switch off the hair dryer and grabbed his face and said "I'm sorry I didn't mean to. But it's your fault you were the one who make me do that." He looked at me. I gave him the sarcastic smile.

After we 'argued', I went downstairs to the kitchen to cook something. I have nothing to cook. So I called out Zayn "Babe!! Can you buy some grocery?" He ran down and said "for what we having dinner tonight." I looked at the time it was 7 pm. I was shocked. Time flew so fast.

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