Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


12. Chapter 12

Diana POV

I woke up and my eyes feel like burning cuz a lot of crying yesterday. I went to the bathroom. I cried in the bathtub and remembering the incident yesterday.

I got out from the bathroom I don't feel like wearing bright colors today so I wore a black tank top and a black shorts. I went downstairs to get some breakfast. I went to watch The Notebook.

I was crying and I felt stupid because I watch the show. I was thinking about Zayn when I watch the show. I went to check my phone and there's a lot of messages from Zayn. I open one of the messages. I cried and I feel like I want to forgive him. But I can't because this is his fault not my fault.

I close my phone and throw it at the table. I wish I can forgive him. I couldn't take it so I went outside to take some fresh air. I sit outside and still thinking about Zayn.

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