Dirty Little Secrets

Samantha Harris is a 15 year old at Wilson High School. A new guy, Jacob Parker, moves in next door to Samantha and is in most of her classes. Jacob seems strange in so many levels. He says he has problems not even he can explain, but he claims he's just as normal as everyone else. Samantha is determined to unlock his secrets of the past, but will it be worth it?


1. The New Guy (Jacob Parker)

Jenna and I were blabbing about next weekends party when somebody knocked on Mrs.White's door. She rushed over and welcomed a guy with dark, brown hair inside. He was quite thin, and he was very pale. "Class, this is Jacob Parker. He came from California!" Mrs.White said with a smile. She gave him a Reading text book and gave him an assigned seat. "Samantha, will you take him down to the library and get his information all set up?" Mrs.White asked me. I got up and walked towards the door, Jacob followed close behind me. "So, you moved here from California?" I asked trying to kill the awkward silence. He hesitated to answer me. Why..? "Uh, yeah," He mumbled. He wasn't very talkative. "Well, my name is Samantha Harris," I said. A little smile curled upon his lips. He caught up to my pace and seemed to relax a little more.  "Jacob Parker, which you already know," He smirked. Finally we reached the library room. "Hi, Mr.Higgins, we have a new student and he needs a locker number, combination, library number, and a lunch number please," I said with a bright smile. He handed Jacob a card with all his information on it. "Thanks Samantha," He said. I smiled and told him it was no problem. This new guy didn't seem half bad, besides the fact he was a little strange at times. "Where do you live?" He asked me. Usually, I'd feel odd giving someone I just met my personal information, but for some reason, I just didn't care. "I live at 215 Stone Road," I told him. That seemed to surprise him because he hesitated to answer. "I-I live right next door to you," He mumbled. Why did that seem so bad to him? "Is that a problem?" I said laughing. He shrugged his shoulders. He sped up and got to the classroom before I could. Why was he acting so weird now? Everything seemed to be fine 5 minutes ago! When I got back to class, Jenna asked me how it went. I said," Well, it was fine at first, but then he started acting really strange." Jenna started asking me a lot of questions. Do you think he's cute? How old is he? Where does he live? "Jenna, don't go crushing on him. Something's not right, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it," I warned her.

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