The Funny Side of it All

"I guess I'm just so used to either drowning or flying, I'm unsure of anything inbetween" Don't believe what they say It doesn't get better It gets worse and worse Until you feel nothing, numb And you long for that empty pain you once felt. That empty pain you wished away And you take a blade, Hoping, that just maybe you will feel something, anything And you feel that empty pain And it hurts so so much And it gets worse and worse Until you feel nothing And before you've a chance to realise You're stuck in this cycle called depression


2. Chapter One

Two years earlier

I hurt myself last night, I don't know why, but that's what I was supposed to do, when you're really sad you hurt yourself, like in the films. It wasn't like I thought it would be, it hurt but not as much as the knives stabbing my brain, took my mind of the thoughts and the pain. The funny thing is though, no one knows, I'm to walk into school right now and no one will have the slightest idea of how much I cried last night, how much I bled, no one will know the mad look in my eyes. That's the scariest part about life I think, not knowing, I will past a girl who will kill, a boy who will rape, and I won't know, I only know of the girl I pass as I look for my reflection in the glass, the girl who is inevitably going to take her life one day, somehow.

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