take care

When clare gets abused by her father and runs away, will he find hervor will she find something greater on thev way.


1. the move

"mom seriosuly do we have to move"

"bailey i already told you"

i slammed the door to my room and began to cry. i really didnt want to move to england. i knew this summer was going to be horrible.

3 weeks later

i was unoacking my suitcase when i hear the doorbell ring. i skipped my way downstairs to find a curly haird green eyed boy with a basket.

" uhm hi my mom told me you had just moved in and thought she i mean we would give you this" he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"ok. thankyou we really appreciate it" i said staring at the ground because i knew i was blushing. we said our good byes and i headed twoards the door but before i could shut it his foot was in the way.

"wait!" he said


" uhm nevermind"


god she was beautiful. her brown silky hair flowed to her forearms and she had the most prettiest brown eyes i have ever seen. harry no snap out of it. i cant get involed with her. i couldnt just break her. i was a total bastard when it came to girls. im prone to using them and then hurting them, but i knew thus wasnt going to be the last time i saw my dream girl.

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