diaries of me

just my life and how im feeling
you dont have to like it or anything but this shows how i feel


1. march 15

about 5 months ago i broke up with my long term boyfriend aaron. i loved him with all my heart but this relationship was a long distance one. i live in laredo texas and he lives in houston texas. we were a total of 6 hours apart and it was hard me still being in high school and him barely getting out of high school he started to work but he had nothing. no car and he lived with his parents. i'm not a materialistic person or anything but with in those two hears that we were together he did nothing with himself he worked yes but he was always jumping from job to job every 6 months and hes money all he would spend it on was stupid things that a 20 year old shouldn't be buying. 

i didn't understand him and he sure as hell didn't understand me. i was already a senior and he wanted me to drop everything after high school and go live with him and i didn't wanna do that. i wanna go to college and become a nurse and create a career and a name for myself and i wasnt gonna leave everything behind because of him. 

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