Apocolypse love.

Will she survive the apocolypse? will she ever find love? Will her sister stay strong? Have a read and find out


1. chapter 1;

Chapter 1; a little about me

All my life I had been thinking 'what would I be like in a real apocalypse?' Well it looks like I'm about to find out.

I had almost lost all of my family,

my mum?


My dad?


I still had my sister Yasmin though. She's was pretty though. I have always wanted to be like her. She pretty awesome you know.

My names alana by the way. I am a sporty, and social girl. I had a perfect life. Well I did.

We had been living off cold canned food for what felt like years, we needed help. Other wise we wouldn't last, we would make our way north, everyday moving further and further away from a place I once called home. Living with danger and fear every day was hard, you got use to it after a while.

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