Royally Yours

Vera has always been different. She's always wanted to be normal, but her constant change of eye color prevented her from doing so. She just started her senior year, thinking she was going to attend her same old boring school. Until some very unusual people showed up at her house one day. They told her she was special, and there was an academy for people much like her. Ellen Moon Academy. Once she goes to the school, it was everything she dreamed of, minus the bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves of course. She tries to avoid them as much as possible, until a certain werewolf boy catches her eye. And not just any werewolf. He's a royal. In fact, he's a prince. As if she thought she had enough problems, now the prince of werewolves is claiming her as his mate. How will she be able to cope?


4. The Specials

When we left the forest area, Peter had suggested that we go to the Specials class. I had agreed as well, since I wanted to meet them.

Once we got to the entrance of the Specials class, I wasn’t surprised by how it looked like a normal class. It had several posters of a brain, explaining how telepathy and telekinesis worked. I caught glance of Professor Lydia explaining a few things to the class before the bell rang.

Students immediately got up from their seats and began to walk out of the classroom. Some of them stayed to discuss a few things with Lydia.

I was about to go and greet Lydia, until I heard a small screech from one of the students beside one of the desks. The girl screeched since one of her guy friends had scared her, immediately causing her hair to turn green. Once she noticed her hair was green, it quickly faded to red.

“Damn it, Connor!” She growled.

Her friend started to laugh as she hit him on the arm.

I gasped once her hair turned color. It was obvious that she was Darcy. The only other Metachrosis besides me.

“Darcy!” I absent-mindedly exclaimed.

However, I quickly felt embarrassed once she turned her attention towards me. “Do I know you?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, well no. Sorry, I’m Vera. I’m new here, and a lot of people were telling me about you. I’m a Metachrosis like you, too.” I sheepishly explained.

Her eyes immediately lit up. “No way! Seriously? Awesome, man! Now I won’t be the only one in my class who’s hair changes color!” She beamed.

I laughed. “Well, my eyes change color, not my hair.”

“Oh. Well, I guess that counts too.” She shrugged, giving me a grin. “I’m happy to have another Metachrosis around,”

Darcy seemed like a pretty cool and laid back girl. Her normal hair color had turned back into a light violet, and I had guessed that she decided to dye it that color. Her skin was pale, and she had a small diamond piercing on her nose.

As her friends began to exit the classroom, she grabbed her backpack and proceeded to walk outside. “Well, I have to go. I’ll see you around, Vera.” She winked at me.
I waved at her. “See you later,”

I looked over and saw Peter talking to this one girl. She had dark brown hair in a ponytail, with hazel eyes. She also had freckles across her nose and cheeks.

“Hey! You’re the new girl, right?” The girl stopped talking to Peter for a second to greet me.

“Yeah, I’m the new girl.” I replied, for like the twelfth time today.

“Peter told me everything about you! I’m Molly, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m really glad you decided to come here. I’m going to be your roommate, if you didn’t know already. Headmaster Maggie told me that I would be roomed up with the next new girl student. I’m basically the only one without a roommate, since I just started this academy last month, when it started. I used to be the new girl, until you came.” She giggled.

“You’re my roommate? Cool!” I breathed a sigh of relief. I was glad that my roommate seemed to be like a really nice person. That was one thing I was worried about.

“Yep! I hope you don’t snore,” She teased.

“No, I never make a sound when I sleep.” I chuckled.

“That’s good.” Molly laughed.

“So, you’re…” I tried to think of what type of Special she might be.

“I’m a Pathokinetic. I have the ability to sense emotions. Although, I guess my ability is useless on you since your eyes change color with your emotions anyway,” She admitted.

“Yeah, that’s true.” I agreed.

“So, Peter told me that he took you around to see most of the classes. How do you like the academy so far? I imagine it must be sort of overwhelming. It was for me too, trust me. It was almost like a fairytale coming alive.” She breathed.

“The academy is beautiful. I love it.” I commented, my voice breathless. “I know what you mean, too. That was my exact thought when I came here,”

“Yeah. Everyone is really nice here, too. Well, except for the werewolves and vampires.” Molly rolled her eyes. “I heard you went to the hang out place for the werewolves too. And that you ran into a Royal,” She slightly gasped, but leaned in to hear more. “So you saw their wolf form, right? I only saw them in human forms when they walk down the courtyard, but never in their wolf forms. So are they really that huge like people said they were?”
I bit my lip and nodded, briefly thinking back at when Colin stared at me. “Yeah, they’re huge. Much bigger than an ordinary werewolf. Whenever they show themselves, the whole area goes quiet. It’s almost like…”

“Like they’re gods? I know. There’s always been folklore about these huge wolves that ruled this mountain a long time ago. They were wolf gods. Some people say that the Royals must have been them a long time ago.” She explained.

“Really?” I whispered, curious to know more.

“Well, anyway. They’re really mysterious. It makes me want to know more about them. You’ve seen their human forms already, right? Oh my god,” Molly stopped for a second to breathe. “They are so sexy. Especially Colin. I mean he’s a Prince, of course he has to be absolutely gorgeous. His cousin, Blake, is also really cute.”

“Yeah, they’re sexy, but they’re so dangerous.” Peter muttered beside us.

“So? I don’t have to like them, but I can still fantasize about them.” Molly gave out a romantic sigh.

I laughed. “Yeah, they’re pretty sexy.” I agreed, not wanting to admit it.

“Alright, well, we should head back to the front office.” Peter changed the subject, turning his attention towards me.

“Okay,” I agreed. Molly smiled at us and waved. “Alright, well bye guys. I’ll see you later back at the dorm, Vera.” She beamed.

I returned the smile. “Yep. Bye Molly!” I waved back, before following Peter out of the specials class and towards the front office. I was slightly wondering if my Mom was still there or not, since I had been gone for at least an hour now.

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