Royally Yours

Vera has always been different. She's always wanted to be normal, but her constant change of eye color prevented her from doing so. She just started her senior year, thinking she was going to attend her same old boring school. Until some very unusual people showed up at her house one day. They told her she was special, and there was an academy for people much like her. Ellen Moon Academy. Once she goes to the school, it was everything she dreamed of, minus the bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves of course. She tries to avoid them as much as possible, until a certain werewolf boy catches her eye. And not just any werewolf. He's a royal. In fact, he's a prince. As if she thought she had enough problems, now the prince of werewolves is claiming her as his mate. How will she be able to cope?


3. The Royals

As we entered the shape-shifting class, I had to duck down to avoid a small parakeet flying over my head and shifting back into their normal person self as they stood beside the desk.

“Sorry,” They sheepishly called out.

“It’s fine,” I laughed and tried to talk over all of the loud commotion in the room. The students were busy talking and playing amongst themselves as Professor Marcus stood next to the white board of the classroom, talking to two of the students. He briefly met my gaze for a second to wave at me and turn his attention to the students.

I waved back at him and glanced around the classroom. It was a cool classroom, with a bunch of animal posters all around the walls.

“Here’s where the animals hang out,” Peter teased.

“Better being an animal than a prissy fairy,” A guy beside one of the nearby desks teased back. “I was wondering when your ass was gonna show up, Peter.”

“Oh please, Jordan. I should’ve brought you a stick so you could go fetch it instead of bother me all day,” Peter rolled his eyes.

“Ouch. And I thought you loved me,” Jordan winked at him.

“You’ve been replaced by Vera, here.” Peter crossed his arms and glanced at me with a smirk.

Jordan turned his attention towards me. “Ah, you’re the new girl, right?” He walked around me, which made me slightly uncomfortable.

“Uh, yeah.” I forced a smile. As I examined him closely, I would see that he had messy dark brown hair with emerald eyes. He had fair skin with toned muscles. He was fairly good-looking, but not gorgeous like Colin…

Ugh, why was I still thinking about him?

“Damn, you’re a pretty thing aren’t you? So, are you single? Because if you’re not, we should go out sometime-” He grinned at me.

I stood there, baffled. “Umm..”

Peter immediately got in front of me. “Oh my god, Jordan. Haven’t I told you a billion times to stop hitting on the new kids? You’re going to scare Vera away before I even have a chance to take her to the fairy class,” He joked.

“Aw, come on. She doesn’t want to go to the fairy class.” Jordan stuck his tongue out, before putting his arm around my shoulder. “She wants to hang out with me.”

“I sort of want to go to the fairy class,” I admitted, avoiding his arms being placed around my shoulder.

“Hah!” Peter exclaimed.

“Fine, go hang out with those boring fairies. But if you ever want to have some real fun, come and see me, alright?” Jordan winked at me.

“Anyone with a good sense of judgment knows to stay away from you, Jordan.” Peter scoffed.

I laughed, causing my eyes to turn golden.

Jordan’s eyes widened. “Ah, a Metachrosis! That’s cool.” He stared at my eyes, intrigued.

“Yeah,” I smiled, before slowly making my way out with Peter. “Well, it was nice meeting you. Bye, Jordan.”

He waved at me and made his way back to the desks where he was conversing with several other shape-shifters.

I followed Peter down the hallways towards another building that had other classes. On the way there, Peter had high-fived and waved at several students who had walked by. I could tell that Peter was quite popular among the students. It was probably because he was so friendly and out-going.

Once we got to the entrance of the fairy classroom, the smell of flowers and pomegranate hit my nose. As I looked inside, their were several fairy students inside chatting amongst themselves and outstretching their translucent wings. I marveled at how pretty they were. All of the girls were petite and small, but dressed in skirts and dresses with their hair and makeup done. The boys were a bit smaller than average, and weren’t very muscular, however their faces were breathtakingly beautiful.

I felt like I was in a fairytale. Like Peter Pan.

The classroom had a poster in the corner of the anatomy of fairy wings. Otherwise, the classroom was a bit plain. The wall colors were painted light brown. However, there was several traces of glittery dust on the carpeted floor. I had my guesses that fairies produced fairy dust whenever they flapped their wings.

As we passed a quiet boy sitting alone in his desk with a small laptop, Peter waved at him. “Hey, Isaac.”
Isaac waved back, pushing up his glasses and looking up from his laptop to glance at us. He was a very scrawny boy. Most likely he was the nerdy type. “Hey, Peter.”

Instead of saying hi to me, he just gazed back at the laptop. He was obviously fairly shy.

When I turned my attention away from him, this other boy began to walk past us. He was very good-looking, probably the most attractive boy in the class. He had toned muscles, unlike some of the other male fairies. He had tan skin and choppy brown hair that fell over his eyes.

“Hey, Jace.” Peter waved, slightly blushing.

“What’s up, Peter?” Jace greeted back, before making his way out of the classroom. Several of the girls watched as he leaved, flirtatiously giggling to themselves.

It seemed that quite a few fairies had a crush on Jace. I couldn’t blame them either, he was very attractive.

As Peter made his way over to a group of his classmates to greet them, I found myself awkwardly standing in the middle of the class, not knowing what to do. I briefly glanced at the teacher. She was obviously a fairy, having brilliant translucent wings behind her. Her hair was curly and pink, and was styled like the 60s.

“Hey, new girl.” A voice spoke from behind me.

I turned around to stare at two fairy girls who were talking against the side of the classroom by their desks. One of them was a blonde with glasses, and the other one had auburn hair that fell to her shoulders.

“Yeah, that’s me.” I smiled.

“My name is Tally,” The brunette spoke, before pointing at the blonde. “And this is Lexi. What’s your name?”

“I’m Vera,” I greeted.

“So are you a special then? What kind?” Lexi gave me a cheerful smile, fluttering her wings behind her.

“I’m a Metachrosis,” I replied.

The two girls exchanged glances, seeming to be very surprised. “Wow, really? People with that ability are rare. The only other student who has that is Darcy,”

“So I’ve been told,” I bit my lip.
“People with Metachrosis aren’t powerful, but from what we’ve heard, they’re always very pretty. Like you. You’re really pretty.” Lexi smiled at me.

I blinked, slightly taken aback. “Thanks, I guess.” I softly chuckled.

“Come on, Vera. Let’s go see the other classes.” I heard Peter say from behind me. Once he stood beside us, Lexi and Tally smiled at him. “Hi, Peter!” They exclaimed.

“Hey, Lexi and Tally.” Peter greeted back, before glancing back at me. I waved bye to Lexi and Tally as we made our way out of the classroom and back towards the hallway. We walked across the hallway until we exited the building to go back outside.

The warm breeze of air from the sun suddenly made me feel good. I heard several leaves rustling in the wind and the soft breeze of the water from the fountain nearby tickled my skin. The academy was simply amazing. The people here were wonderful and the scenery was breathtaking. I had to tell Melody everything once I called her later.

“So, we can go to the Specials class next…or-” Peter began to say, but a loud wolf howl in the distance interrupted him.

I stared at where the wolf howl came from, and I quickly spotted an area of forest and grass a quarter a mile away. I could see wolf figures running around the field of grass and several other people figures walking around.

“What’s that place? Is that where the werewolves go?” I asked.

Peter glanced at the forest area I was staring at. “Oh, yeah. Sometimes they get out of class early to go there. That’s where they hang out. The forest is about five miles wide. Not many people go there except for the werewolves. Actually, I don’t think any other species even hangs out with them. The only time you’ll see that is if they mated with them.”

“Mated? I thought only werewolves could mate with other werewolves?” I questioned.

“Well, that’s what they usually do. Sometimes werewolves mate with one of the specials, though. But it’s very unusual. You won’t see it happening very often,”

“Why not?” I spoke.

“The full moon, that’s why. During a full moon, all they want to do is, excuse me for my language, fuck their mate. They become really violent and uncontrollable as well. If you ask anyone, violent and horny are a horrible combination. Can you imagine if they mated with a human? Every full moon that human would be covered in bruises or even sometimes broken bones. That’s a horrible relationship, if you ask me. That’s why werewolves stay with other werewolves. They’re both violent so they don’t hurt each other as much as they would a human. Unfortunately, they can‘t control who they want to mate with. It just happens. They become bonded, like they were born for each other.”

I winced as explained in detail what it was like for a human to be a werewolf’s mate. It must be a horrible experience. I couldn’t imagine why a human would want that, but then I forgot how incredibly sexy werewolves could be.

“Has a Royal ever mated with a human?” I decided to ask, feeling curious.

“Oh, god no.” Peter shook his head, horrified. “It’s unusual for them to even mate with normal werewolves. The Royals mate with the Royals. Even if they can’t control who they mate with, their instincts probably won’t settle for anyone much lower than their rank,” He snorted. “I’m glad that a Royal has never mated with a human. Can you imagine what it would be like during a full moon? The human would die. The Royals’ brute strength is far more superior than a normal werewolf’s. They could snap a human’s neck in seconds. As well as a fairy’s or shape-shifter’s.”

I shuddered at even thinking about it.

“So, enough about that. Where do you want to go next?” Peter changed the subject.

“Um, I was thinking we could go meet some of the werewolves at that grassy area.” I suggested, feeling stupid for even wanting to. But I couldn’t help it, I really wanted to see one up close.

Peter stared at me like I was crazy as well. “Even after I enlightened you about the power of werewolves, you still want to go there?”

“Yeah..” I admitted.

“I don’t know if I should call you incredibly brave or crazy,” Peter swallowed, still staring at the forest. “But you’re new here, so alright.”

I chuckled, before following him towards the grassy area where the werewolves were hanging out at. Once we got closer, Peter began to fall behind and walk a little bit behind me. We arrived at the entrance of the area and I marveled at the beauty of the trees and the grassy hills.

I glanced back at Peter who was several feet away from me. “You coming?” I nearly wanted to laugh at how frightened he looked.

“Yeah,” He glanced up at the sky for a few seconds before making his way towards me. “Holy shit, I can’t believe I’m doing this…” I muttered.

As we walked up the dirt trail to the grassy area, a few muscular tanned guys stopped and stared at us with a smirk on their face, as if you were to stare at prey. “Well, well. What do we have here? A human and a little fairy.” They laughed.

“We’re just looking around,” I glared at them.

“Try not to get eaten,” One of them snarled.

“Oh, we’ll try very hard.” Peter nervously assured them.

Peter and I walked past them and continued to make our way down the dirt trail, before stopping as soon as we reached the grass. There were groups of guys in each corner of the grassy field, making sure to keep their distance well away from the other groups. I had guessed that the groups were set up in small packs.

I watched in awe as two huge wolves ran past me, playing around in the grass. They had to be at least six feet tall in height. Some of them were even bigger than bears. All of them had a variety different colored pelts, like light brown, dark brown, grey, and ashy.

As I looked out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of this normal blonde girl with one of the werewolves. His arm was possessively placed around her waist. She seemed really happy since she was cuddling against his shoulder and remaining like that for a long time. She didn’t seem to interact much with the other werewolves, though.

“That’s Katie. She’s a Special, a telepath. And she’s his mate.” Peter sighed, almost sympathetic.

“You mean a werewolf mated with her?” I gasped.

“Yeah,” Peter replied. “She used to be really out-going, but now she’s always with him. Werewolves are extremely protective of their mates. They’ll rarely let them out of their sights. Every full moon she comes to class covered in bruises,”

“That sucks,” I breathed.

I watched as Katie turned her attention away from her mate for one second to catch glimpse of Peter and I. Her face seemed to brighten when she saw Peter. She whispered something to her mate, causing him to avert his gaze towards us.

“Oh no, why is he looking at us?” Peter freaked out, immediately hiding behind me.

I nervously gazed back at Katie’s mate who was glaring us down. I offered him an awkward smile, but he ignored it as he turned his attention back to Katie. He nodded and reluctantly let go of her waist, allowing her to step away from him for several minutes. She quickly made her way towards us and waved at Peter.

“Hey, Peter! I never thought I’d see you here.” Katie grinned, causing Peter to slowly make his way out from behind me.

“Hey Katie. Yeah, I was just, uh, showing Vera around the campus. She wanted to come here, so I took her. She’s a new student.” Peter explained, clearing his throat to try and not sound so scared.

“Oh, how cool. So Vera, what are you?” She gave me a warm smile.

“I’m a Special,”  I replied. “A, uh, Metachrosis.”

I really needed to learn how to pronounce that word.

“Really? Wow! So your hair changes color then?” She exclaimed.

“My eye changes color,” I corrected her.

“Huh, well I guess that’s not so obvious as if your hair changed color,” She replied.

“Yeah, I guess. But people still notice.” I sighed, remembering memories from elementary school.

“Well, I hope you like it here so far.” Katie smiled at me. “I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow?”

“Yeah, for sure.” I returned the smile.

“Alright, well bye guys.” She waved and the both of us, before returning to her werewolf mate. We watched as he held her in his arms again and continued to calmly converse with his other pack members.

“So, now that you’ve seen the place, are you ready to leave?” Peter asked me, in a hurry to leave.

I wasn’t going to disagree, either. I gladly nodded my head, glancing around the scenery one last time. As we started to walk across the grass, we heard a branch give off a loud snap. When the snap echoed throughout the field, the werewolves immediately stopped conversing with each other and stared at the direction of the snap, clearly on edge.

Peter froze, causing me to stop in my tracks as well. I glanced around at the deathly silent area. Some of the phased wolves were backing away and whimpering from the direction of the snap. I caught sight of Katie, and she looked scared. Her mate protectively held her closer.

“What’s going on?” I whispered, afraid if I would talk too loud it might alarm the others.
“A Royal,” Peter trembled. He took my arm and backed away from the trees that were now swaying back and forth, as if a huge animal were passing through them. I felt my heart stop as Peter and I stood inches away from the rustling trees. My eyes suddenly turned green from slight fear.

I felt my breathing grow heavy as a massive white wolf appeared from behind the trees and out into the clearing. The wolf was much bigger than any of the ordinary werewolves, my guess was that it stood to be at least nine feet tall.

The other werewolves lowered their heads, as if to dip it in respect towards the giant white wolf.

A low growl emitted from the wolf’s throat, and soon another grey wolf came from behind the white wolf. The grey wolf was smaller than the white one, probably standing to be about a little over eight feet.

The white wolf caught sight of me, and I trembled even more, realizing I was only several feet from this gigantic creature. I stared into it’s eyes, which were a little bit bigger than the palm of my hand. The eyes were a pretty golden, much like the normal eye color of a wolf. His gaze narrowed, and he began to release low growls once again.

The growls sounded…lustful. Again.

Then it suddenly hit me that it held the same cold gaze as Colin. And the same lustful growls.

Could this wolf be Colin?

My eye color turned back to brown as I relaxed myself. He continued to stare at me, but then averted his gaze away once the grey wolf began to growl. He growled back at her, and she immediately backed down. He gave out an irritated grunt as he proceeded to walk forward, ignoring all of the other werewolves around the area.

The grey wolf followed him, and the whole area seemed to relax as soon as they disappeared back into the trees. The trees swayed back and forth once more. A few seconds later it stopped because of them walking past and leaving the area.

A few moments later, the werewolves began chatting amongst themselves again. A little quieter than before.

“Was that wolf…Colin?” I swallowed, deciding to ask Peter.

He breathed a sigh of relief once everyone went back to normal. “Yeah, it probably was. That grey wolf following him was probably Paris,”

I found myself staring back at the trees where they disappeared in. I wanted to know why he always stared at me, if it even meant anything. I wanted to know more. But I had a feeling that I would find out soon…


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