Royally Yours

Vera has always been different. She's always wanted to be normal, but her constant change of eye color prevented her from doing so. She just started her senior year, thinking she was going to attend her same old boring school. Until some very unusual people showed up at her house one day. They told her she was special, and there was an academy for people much like her. Ellen Moon Academy. Once she goes to the school, it was everything she dreamed of, minus the bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves of course. She tries to avoid them as much as possible, until a certain werewolf boy catches her eye. And not just any werewolf. He's a royal. In fact, he's a prince. As if she thought she had enough problems, now the prince of werewolves is claiming her as his mate. How will she be able to cope?


2. The Academy

As we pulled up at the entrance of the academy after the six hour drive, I stared out the car window and gaped in awe at the magnificent view. It looked to be like a prestigious academy, with forest trees surrounding the entire area. I caught sight of a lake nearby the academy off into the distance. The area was simply beautiful, as well as the buildings. I could already tell that the academy was well protected and hidden, since we had to use a special code that Lydia and Marcus gave us in order to get past the gates in front of the entrance guarded by security.

I silently wondered how old the academy was.

As my mom opened the car door I grabbed my backpack and briefly texted my best friend, Melody, back at my old school. I told her I was switching schools because my mom decided to send me to boarding school.

“I miss you V!” She texted.

“I miss you too! Omg, wish you were here. This place is amazing!” I texted her back.

“Are you talking about the scenery or the guys?” She texted me back, placing a winky face at the end of her sentence.

I laughed. “The scenery! I haven’t met anyone yet, I just got here lol” I texted.

“You have to call me and tell me everything!” She wrote.

“I will! I promise,” I texted her back, placing a smiley face at the end.

I looked up from my phone and helped my mom unload my suitcase from the car. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and rolled my red suitcase along with my other hand. My mother gasped at the scenery in front of us.

“This place is beautiful,” She commented.

“I know, right?” I bit my lip, feeling excited.

I walked through the entrance of the building, with my mom following close behind me. I could already tell that the majority of the classes were out, since kids were already playing around near the grassy field or walking across the halls. I barely noticed several students staring at me and whispering amongst themselves as I glanced around the entire place. It was huge. It looked like a college campus.

I watched as a group of students nearby talked to each other. Some of them were already phasing into animals and laughing amongst themselves. Other students nearby had wings, and I immediately recognized them as fairies. They looked so petite and small, but they were so pretty.
And then I saw the werewolves. They mainly consisted of muscular tanned guys that were chatting on the field a distance away from everyone else. Only a few girls were with them, holding hands or placing their arms around their necks. I guessed that those were their girlfriends. I quickly realized that the werewolves must not hang out with anyone else except for their own kind. Some of the guys were laughing and wrestling each other against the grass while phasing into gigantic wolves. I watched as they snapped at each other and rolled around in the grass.

I instantly shuddered. I could only imagine their brute strength. They towered over everybody else as wolves. However, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful they were in both human and wolf forms.

I didn’t spot any vampires yet. Maybe they only came out at night…

“Come on, Vera.” My mom managed to keep her astonished gaze off of everyone. She made her way towards the front office, taking in deep breaths and in order to try and contain everything that she was seeing.

I followed her inside the front office, taking one last glance at the area. As soon as we walked inside the office, I was greeted by this older woman and a teenage guy that I guessed to be one of the students. The boy was skinnier than average, and he appeared to be shorter as well. I wondered if he was a fairy.

“Hello, Vera, is it?” The older woman smiled at me. “I’m Magatha. The headmaster of Ellen Moon Academy. However, you may call me Maggie if you wish.”

Magatha had short brown hair and she looked fairly young for her old age. She only had a few wrinkles, since her face seemed to be flawless. She had wise, compassionate, blue eyes. She slightly reminded me of my grandmother.

“Hello, Maggie.” I returned her smile.

“This is Peter. He’s my, office helper of sorts.” Magatha referred to the skinny teenage boy next to her. He smiled at me, showing off his brilliant white teeth. He almost seemed to be too pretty for a boy. His hair was light brown and he had brown eyes.

He shook my hand. “Hello, Vera. It’s nice to meet you. So…tell me! What are you?” He excitedly asked me, his voice laced with feminism. He seemed to be quite blunt.

I hesitated before answering. “Um. I’m a Meta…what do you call them again?” I sheepishly pushed a strand of my brown hair away from my shoulder. “Well, I’m just a human. But my ability is…”

“Oh! So you’re a special then. A metachrosis? Wow, it’s rare when we get students with that ability. The only other student with metachrosis is Darcy. She’s a bit of a firecracker,” Peter laughed.

I decided that I would become fast friends with Darcy if I ever met her.

“Alright, well, enough distractions. We have a lot to go over. If you will, please read and go over our forms and policies,” Magatha handed me several pages of paper. “We need to discuss what classes you will be taking and which dorm you will be sleeping in. For the meantime, Peter can show you around campus and take you to some of the classes we offer.”

“Will do, Headmaster.” Peter grinned, before making his way out from behind the office desk and towards me.

“Ms. Augustine, I’ll take you to my office where we can talk about the finances and visiting days that we offer to parents.” Magatha smiled at my mom and stepped forward.

My mom slowly nodded, before turning back and smiling at me. “Have fun. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Okay,” I replied, before following Peter outside of the office. He waved at several students as they passed by us, and turned his attention towards me as we made our way down the outside halls of the school.

“So, in case you didn’t know, I’m a fairy.” He explained, and I nodded with interest. “And I’m also gay.” He added.

I didn’t reply. I figured he was, since he seemed so feminist. But it was good that he was open about it and wasn’t afraid to let other people know.

“Cool,” I replied.

“Yeah, just to tell you a little bit about me. So, anyways, does your hair change color with your emotions?” He questioned.

I shook my head. “No. My eye color changes.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Eye color? Really? Wow, that’s cool.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Hmm, I’m thinking what class to show you first. I think I might show you the shape-shifting class first. They’re a neat bunch. Shape-shifters are really good friends to have, if you ever befriend them.” Peter explained.

As soon as I was about to answer, I heard gates opening nearby and students immediately stumbling over their feet to get out of the walkway and onto the side of the grass. I saw a group in the distance walking past the gates that had opened and making their way down the concrete path.

I turned to Peter. “What’s going on?” I asked him, confused.

“Shit. The Royals,” He breathed, before grabbing my arm and pulling us away from the concrete walkway and onto the side of the grass. I tugged my arm away from him and furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“What are you talking about? Why is everyone on the grass?” I demanded.

“I’m talking about them,” Peter tilted his head towards the group of students that were proceeding to casually walk down the concrete path.

“What about them? Why does everyone have to get out of their way?” I blinked.

Peter sighed. “The Royals are a higher form of the lycans. Some say they’re a different species, although some just say that they’re a more powerful species of a lycan. When they phase into their wolf form, it’s double the size of an average lycan wolf form. They’re stronger, faster, and bigger. All of them are related or part of the royal family that rule the lycans. They don’t exactly socialize with anyone except their own. If anyone lower than them gets in their way, then it means death.”

I scoffed in disbelief. “But I was told that if a student harms another student they get expelled,”

“They don’t care about expulsion. Their rank and pride matter most to them,” Peter explained.

As the Royals walked closer towards the path we were beside, several of the werewolves that I had saw before, dipped their heads in respect towards them. The other students kept their heads down and tried to avoid their gaze, while other students stared up at them in awe.

There were six of them total. The majority of them were muscular guys, only two of them were girls. One of the girls seemed stuck-up, while the other girl seemed calm and cheerful.

Peter tilted his head towards the one in the front, clearly the ringleader of the group no doubt. He was breathtakingly sexy, with tanned skin and blonde hair. His arms were toned and muscled, and he clearly had a six pack under his shirt.

I tried to shake my head from my thoughts. Sure, he was sexy. But I could also tell that he seemed ruthless and cold due to his dominant expression that stood above the others.
“That’s Colin Royce,” Peter whispered to me. “He’s the leader of the Royals, obviously. He’s the current Prince of the lycans.”

“Prince?” I breathed. “I didn’t know werewolves had a monarchy, I thought they just ran in packs.” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“The normal lycans run in packs, yes. But the Royals don’t. They’re set up as a monarchy. You have the king, the queen, their offspring, which are the princes and princesses. And you have lords and ladies,” Peter explained. “The same goes for the vampires too. The lycans and vampires have been enemies for generations. The two kings rule each of the two lands. There have been tons of border and territory disputes between the lycans and the vampires,”

“Do we learn this sort of stuff in history class?” I humorously questioned.

“Sometimes,” Peter replied.

As the group were within a few feet away from us, Peter tilted his head towards the guy who was beside Colin. He was muscular as well, with brown hair. He appeared to look serious and calm as well.

“That’s Blake. He’s Colin’s cousin. So he’s a higher ranking Lord.” Peter quickly explained, before turning his attention towards the other quiet guy who was behind them both. “That’s Warren. He’s a Lord too. He never really says much, he just keeps to himself most of the time.”

“How do you know all of their names?” I curiously glanced at Peter.

“Everyone does. The Royals are sort of the celebrities of the school, if you hadn’t noticed by now.” He scoffed.

Peter had a point. I think every Prince or Lord that went to school ended up being quite popular.

Peter continued to tell me their names. He nudged his head towards the boy who had his arm around the cheerful girl and was saying something in her ear. She silently giggled before he kissed her on the cheek. He was muscular, but not quite muscular as Colin or Blake. Most would say that he was average. Although, unlike the other guys, he seemed light-hearted and friendly. His eyes almost smiled as he conversed with the girl he was with.

“That’s Alec. He’s a Lord. He’s the jokester of the group, or so I heard. He’s also the nicest. That girl he’s with is Olivia. She’s his mate.” Peter spoke.

I glanced at Olivia. She had strawberry blonde hair tied up in a bun. She seemed sweet and pretty. Although I couldn’t tell just by looks.

And finally, Peter addressed the last girl who appeared to look stuck-up. “That’s Paris. She’s the highest ranking Lady. If Colin’s father weren’t king, then her father would sure be. She used to date Colin. If you ask me, she isn’t completely over him yet. But they’re still good friends. She’s mean to anyone who isn’t a Royal.”

“I can tell,” I dryly replied.

Paris was very beautiful. She had long blonde hair that fell to her waist in curls. However, you could tell that her pretty exterior was to cover up her mean interior. The way that she carried her head up high, and refused to acknowledge anyone else. You could tell that would pack a nasty bite if she wanted to.

The group now stood inches away from us, walking on the same concrete pathway that we avoided to stand in the grass.

As soon as I was about to ask Peter if we could leave and go to the shape-shifting class, Colin turned his head and met my gaze for a brief second. I almost expected him to scowl at me or look away, uninterested. However, I was surprised when he kept his blue gaze on my brown gaze. His eyes widened for a split second, and I thought I heard a small growl come out from his mouth.

The growl didn’t sound threatening or angry. It sounded…almost lustful.

Psh, as if. I’m probably just imagining things.

I forced my gaze away from his. Several people who stopped to admire the group noticed that he was staring at something. I was glad that they didn’t find out that he was staring at me, before he managed to rip his gaze away from me as well. However, Peter definitely noticed that he had stared at me for a few seconds.

When the Royals made their was past us and towards the direction they were headed, Peter glanced at me in shock. “What was that about?” He asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe I had something on my face?” I suggested.

Peter laughed. “You’re funny. I like you,” He decided.

I smiled as we continued to proceed towards the shape-shifting class. As soon as the Royals were out of view from the courtyard, people had proceeded to chatter and walk across the concrete pathways again.

“So does everyone have the same classes then? Like the vampires have the same classes as the fairies or the werewolves? Speaking of which, I haven’t seen any vampires yet.” I blinked.

“Oh, yeah. Well let me explain the ranking of the classes to you. There are three rankings; Basic, Advanced, and Elite. The Basic classes are for the students who aren’t really powerful. For example, like some of the Specials. And quarter-breeds of species. Like people who are quarter-fay and quarter-werewolves.”

“Would I be in the Basic category?” I asked, realizing that my ability wasn’t powerful at all.

“Yes. All Metachrosis students are in the Basic classes. The same goes for Telepaths and Pathokinetics who only know how to sense emotions. Telekinetics, who only know how to move small objects and Photokinetics, who can only glow.” He explained.

I nodded.

“The Advanced classes are for students who are quite powerful and have excelled in their abilities. For example, half-breeds. Like half-fay and half-werewolves. Shape-shifters and some of the specials like, telekinetics and photokinetics who can move heavier objects and produce light from their hands.”

“The Elite classes are for the extremely powerful students, like the Royals and the Purebloods. Sometimes even the full-blooded fairies who excel in powerful magic.” Peter continued.

“The Purebloods?” I commented.

“The Purebloods are the full-blooded vampires. All of them are part of the royal vampire family. To answer your previous question as to why you don’t see any vampires, because they only can come out at night. Like folklore, they’ll burn in the sun. They won’t turn into ashes but their skin will get severely burned and blistered. They take night classes.” He quickly informed.

“Oh,” I replied.

I wasn’t aware that the magical world had so many monarchies and royal bloodlines. It was sort of cool, I did admit.


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