How We Met

A new forming band meets their idols. But does love ruin friendships? Read more to find out!


2. A New Friend!


Harlee's POV

It was lunch time the tables were stuffed with people,except ours i was talking to ashley when someone came and asked if she could sit next us. We said we'd be delighted if she did.we sat down and talked a bit. I told her our names, but we didn't catch hers. I asked if she'd like to go to the mall. 

"Yes!" She screamed 

The next day we went to Tia's house and picked her up. She asked which mall we were going to. Ashley suggested we went to arrowhead, everyone agreed. We were in the car when Diana came on the radio we all started to sing the same time. We all laughed and started a conversation about how we love 1D and singing. We finally got to the mall and saw One Direction perfume,CDs,posters,bracelets,necklaces,earrings,ect.

"OMG!" I screamed "1D stuff"I scream Ashley joining 

"Hey Tia I found an Ireland flag!" I say as her walking towards me

"Yaaaayyy!" She said

"So you lived in Ireland?" I asked Tia "Yeah why" She asked

"Oh no reason, just wondering"I said "Cool!" Ashley said

"Hey look Niall earrings!" I said, as soon as I said it Tia's running up to me. 

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