Something New (Ziam Uni AU)

Zayn was the freshman in college that always kept to himself. He never really went out. He was a wallflower really. He liked being alone to do the things we would enjoy doing such as drawing or longboarding out front his house. Liam was the popular frat junior who's always finding an excuse to have a good time whether it was sneaking out of the dorms after hours or getting drunk until the next morning. Despite their differences the boys develop a strong bond that others may find strange. They were both straight right? But opposites DO attract sometimes....


1. Freshmeat

-Zayn's POV-

Wolverhampton. The University of Wolverhampton. It's not such a high-grad school that all the high school graduates desire to go to but it was a great school with some of the best teachers in all of England & has a great academic program which I found suitable for me. Which is why it was my first choice in my list of colleges. Not to mention it wasn't so urban or so close by the city. It was located near the suburbs really. I never liked being surrounded by so many people to be honest. It's nothing personal. I mean I have had some friends in the past but not so many. In high school I only had two friends but they both received scholarships to Yale which is in the United States. So I've been alone most of the summer. I spent most of it in my room drawing or cruising around outside after hours on my longboard. Unfortunately I had to leave all that behind since the UNI of Wolverhampton has dorms for the students to stay in. My mom told me it would be a great opportunity to make new friends. But I didn't want to make friends. I'm perfectly happy being alone all the time.

When I arrived on campus I was shocked. The place was huge. Building after building. It looked like a city of it's own. I mean I know college is supposed to be bigger than high school but I didn't think by so much. I paid the cab fare & got out of the cab unmounting my two bags of luggage. There was a bulletin board with a map of campus & the locations of the dormitories. I was room 189 Building E. I took a brochure of the map & started walking.

When I walked into my dorm I noticed a blonde boy who was putting up some posters. Ugh great, a roomate. He turned around & smiled. “Hey, I hope you don't mind putting these up. It's just in my side of the dorm. Unless you want this side. Then I'll just take them down & move them to the other side-”
“No it's fine... really.”
He shrugged & extended his arm. “I'm Niall, your roomate. & you are?”
“I'm Zayn.”
He nodded. “Interesting name,” he smiled. 
“You know what's interesting? Sharing a room with an Irish transfer. Aren't you supposed to be shorter? Wearing all green & looking for a pot of gold?” 
He laughed. “I'm Irish Zayn. Not a leprechaun. However green is a wonderful color if I do say so myself!”
I sat down on the bed of my side of the room. “So what part of Ireland are you from?”

“Mullingar. One of the best places in the world honestly.”
“If you're from Ireland, why are you interested in the Uni of Wolverhampton?” I asked.
“Just seems interesting. I like new things. New city. New people.” He jumped facedown onto his bed. “New bed,” he chuckled.
I smirked slightly. Niall seemed to be in such a great mood. I watched him as he unpacked his things & finished putting up his posters. This boy was the walking definition of happiness. “Aren't you excited to be in college?” he asked, obviously trying to make conversation.

No. I thought. “I guess so. Not completely. I mean... I've never been one who loves school.”
“Really? Why? School is amazing!”
It's official. Niall is a fucking alien.

I raised an eyebrow. “Is not. We just spent 13 if not 14 years of our lives learning. Half of that shit we don't even need in the future. For what? For 4 more years we need to add to learn more pointless things.”

“You never know Zayn. You may need this information. What career are you aiming for?”

I shrugged. “Something with art most likely. I highly doubt I'm going to need to know the difference between an atom & a molecule for that.”
“Maybe you can make some kind of art piece out using that idea.”

I shook my head. “Absolutely not.”
“So you're an artist? That's pretty cool. Maybe you can draw me some day?”

“No I don't like you.”


An awkward silence fell. Followed by chuckling. “You're something Zayn. You really are.” He looked outside the window. “Hey, why don't we go down to the quad? Everyone hangs out there. We can talk more there,” Niall suggested.
“No thanks. I'll think I'm just gonna stay around here & keep unpacking.”
Niall shrugged. “That's fine. Well I'm gonna go so if you change your mind, just find me.” He grabbed one of his textbooks & left the dorm. I sighed in relief. Niall seemed like a good guy. He's optimistic, friendly, funny. I hope I didn't make a bad impression on the guy. After all, I have to spend the next two semesters sharing a dorm with the kid.


A/N: This chapter started out good then turned to shit ugh I don't know what happened. No this is not going to be a Ziall fanfic. Read the title. Look at the cover. Not a Ziall fanfic. Introducing Liam most likely in the next chapter. The reason this chapter is so short is because I had absolutely no idea what to add on. So I'll update in the next few days & whatever happens... happens.

-Tatiana xx

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