SuperWhoLock Imagines *Taking Requests

Taking requests, if you want one, comment either Supernatural, Doctor Who or Sherlock and which character, I will be more than happy to write it :)


2. Flying With The Doctor

"Ouch," you heard the Doctor exclaim as he hit his head standing up. You couldn't help but laugh at his dorkiness. He usually made you laugh.

"Hey!" he said, when he saw you giggling. "It wasn't funny!" Although he had a smile on his face too. Whenever you were happy, he was generally happy too.

"Sorry," you apologized. "You're right, it wasn't funny." You took a few deep breaths to stop yourself from laughing but as soon as you looked at him, you burst into another fit of giggles. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, come here," you said through tears of laughter. You reached over and pulled him in for a hug. He hugged you back, smiling into your hair.

"Hey," a voice called from behind you. "Enough with the public displays of affection, we've got work to do." Amy appeared next to you, closely followed by Rory. The Doctor nodded.

"Yes, you're right of course. Come on Y/N, let's go." He took your hand and pulled you out of the Tardis to whatever was waiting for you outside.


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