Everything gone wrong.

This is about a girl who is really popular and everyone knows her. She really likes this guy an he likes her but they think the other one doesn't like eachother. When the guy finally asks her out. She says yes. He goes to her house and thats when everything goes wrong.


3. Dinner.

Brittany's POV:

So, today Niall asked me out! I'm so excited were going to dinner. I don't know where were going he wants it to be a suprise, but I know anything with him would be perfect! I never thought he liked me! Yayyyy!

Niall's POV: OMG! Brittany said yes! I couldn't believe it I never thought she liked me this is going to be perfect! Yayy!

It was 6:55 and I was running around trying to get ready. Brittany's house was 10 minutes away so I was already late, shot. I'm just so happy were getting together!

When I get to Brittany's house I knock on the door and her mom answers. "Hello, Mrs.Moore." Moore is Brittany's last name. "Hello, Niall." She answers. "You know my name?" "Well obviously Brittany talks about you all day everyday!" I got so happy right then! "Mom seriously dont talk about that!" When Brittany walks up I'm breathless. "You look flawless!" I tell her. "Thank you, you look handsome!" She replies. When we get into the car she immediately asks where were going. I say its a suprise.

Brittany's POV:

Dinner was great we talked for a little and he made me laugh and stuff. It was perfect! I love him! After we were done I asked him and of he would like to come to my house and hangout for a little bit. He said yes and we went.

Niall's POV:

When we got back to her house she was laughing like crazy. But, when I walked in I saw this girl. She was beautiful. "Hi, I'm Brittany's sister." After she said that I fell in love with her. Thats when everything went wrong...

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