Up In The Air

"You have to do it." The voice in my head tells me. "No one cares about you. No one will. Just jump!"


2. chapter two

Niall P.O.V.
Its been about two days since I saw my body on the cold ground. 
I know why people say ghosts haunt houses. I stay at my house all the time but I don't sleep and I don't eat. 
"Niall." I hear a voice speak. 
I quickly snap My head around and look at the man who spoke. 
"Noah? I thought...."
"That I was dead? So are you, but you can change that."
"What do you mean?" How can he change the fact that I'm dead?
"I'm going to show you your past. Then I'll show you how your family and friends are dealing with you being gone. Last but not least I'll show you the future with you gone and the future where you didn't die." 
"Is this some kind if sick joke? You're judt an illusion. My best friend Noah is gone. Dead." This is a joke. I know it. It just can't be real.
"Fine. Don't. Just come with me and in the end you decide if its a dream or not. You will have a choice between living and staying dead."
"I'll come with you but this better not be fake. You better not be lying."
"Then lets go." He grabs my arm and I see a blur of lights.

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