Up In The Air

"You have to do it." The voice in my head tells me. "No one cares about you. No one will. Just jump!"


3. Chapter three

Niall P.O.V.
"I remember this." I whisper looking at the three little kids playing at the park. "Its the day we met Isabel."
"Even then you had a crush on her." Noah smirks.
"Did not." I shove him. He looks at me surprised. 
"That's never happened before. I haven't had contact for three years." He looks at himself and then at me. "I just don't understand."
"Maybe since we knew eachother?" I shrug.
"Maybe. I'm supposed to take you here to show you the memories you've forgotten and make you remember them."
"Just go follow the kids around for a bit."
"Okay?" I walk towards the small children.
"I like you." The brunette girl tells the mini me.
"I like you too." The blond boy tells Isabel.
I look back at Noah. "B-but we were only eight."
"She still liked you and you liked her."
"Does she like me now? Like in present time? "
"We'll just have to wait and see. Now for the early teen years."
Once again the flash comes and I'm blinded.
Slowly the coloring comes back and I'm facing the boy with chocolate brown eyes.
"How old am I in this time?" 
"Its the same year I died so....about seventeen. Three years ago."
"And why are we here?"
"To show you something."
I look around my old high school. The same place Noah was killed. The place I had my first kiss and asked out my first girlfriend. So many memories are held here, good and bad. Some memories I wish I could forget and some memories I want to treasure in My heart forever.

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