Up In The Air

"You have to do it." The voice in my head tells me. "No one cares about you. No one will. Just jump!"


4. chapter four

Niall P.O.V.
Punch after punch, I watch myself beat up the kid who always had his face in a book.
"Can we just go?" I ask Noah. "I can't bear to watch this anymore!"
"I can't. I was told you had to watch this all."
"Please! I'm begging you!" Tears begin to stream down my face. I nearly killed the kid that day. It was a terrible day and I still regret doing it. 
My past self stops the punches and walks away.
I stare at the kid. I don't know why I keep referring to him as that. His name is Josh. He slowly lifts his head up.
"Isn't your name Kyle?" He says th the wall.
Nothing happens but Josh talks again.
"Please help me." He whispers. A moment later a girl walks down the street.
"Oh my God!" She shouts And grabs her phone from her purse.
"Hello? Yes. This guy from my school is like beat or something." The girl hangs Up and waits with Josh until the ambulance arrive.
"That's our cue." Noah grabs my arm and the lights come again.
When I can see again Noah is gone.
"Noah?" I ask and look around. "Noah?"
A scrap if paper falls like a feather and stays there, above my head . I reach for it knowing that I probably won't be able to touch it. 
I watch as my hand collides with the piece of paper and my fingers close around it.
What should I do with it?  Should I read it? Yes. I have to read it.
When I look down at it I see cursive writing.
"They told me I couldn't come with you this time.  I don't know why, but they'll send me back when you're done. Don't die. 
-Noah" .


Okay so I'm gonna try to update every day every other week because I can only post chapters when I'm at my Dads. I won't be able to post again until next Wednesday. So here's the last chapter for a while :) 

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