Angel ||h.s


2. Chapter One

My already numb fingers trace the frosted rail of the bridge I'm currently standing on. Just jump. I take my jacket off, mentally preparing for what I'm about to do.

I should be thinking about mum. About Gemma. But, I can't. My incoherent thoughts are clouding everything else up. C'mon, stop being such a wimp.

Just as I'm about to hike up the railing and fall to my death, a voice stops me. A soft, feminine voice.

"Don't do it." The voice whispers and I look, but see no one in sight. I return to my former position and get ready to jump, yet again.

"I can't let you," the same voice from moments ago states.

Not even two seconds after I could comprehend what she—or it—said, my feet and legs are moving toward the direction of my apartment building. I try to turn back, I try to dig my heels into the brick stair case, but I can't. I try to scream and shout. But, again, I can't; my lips are literally sealed.

Before I know it, my hand is on the door handle and then I'm in the sitting room. My feet kick my loose sneakers off, and make their way to my bedroom. I get under my comforter, unwillingly, and pull it up my chin. My body may be doing these things, but my mind is swimming with thoughts. Am I being possessed? Shit, I'm being possessed.

"No you're not. You're being saved." The exact same, soft voice corrects me. I can feel the droopiness in my eyes and I fall asleep, before I can say something back.


I open my eyes to see I'm in completely white room. Where am I?

"Hello, Harry." The girl states, cocking her head to the side and raising her brows.


A/N sorry it's short. I'm just getting started. Xx

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