The Woman In the Woods.

Maybe they should have listened to Harry...


2. Chapter Two.

They finally arrived at the camp site, it was alright, but not the best.

The strangest thing is they appeared not to be any people at the camp site. "That's wierd, on the website it looked packed with people?" Zayn questioned.

They set up camp and made a fire. "Night boys." Louis said and yawned. "Night." They all replied.

*Early Hours in the morning*

"Liam do you hear that, liammm!" Harry shouted trying to wake Liam up. Rubbing his eyes Liam said "What is it Harry?" "I just heared a shreak, a really loud one, I'm scared." Harry said. "Just go back to sleep and forget about it." Liam said.

In the morning they were all sitting around the fire eating sausages. "Hey did anybody else hear that shreak last night?" Harry asked. "What are you talking about Harry?" They all laughed.

Later that day they went into the Forest to look at the wildlife. They seen Red Squirels, many Butterflies, Badgers and many more forest animals.

"Its getting late, lets head back guys." Niall said. "Where's Harry!" Liam shouted while looking around. Suddenly from the distance Harry was screaming, running at fast as he could. Out of breath Harry was trying to explain. "The... theres...a w-w-witch... downn-n.. theree" "What are you talking about Harry, this isn't a joke." Zayn said. "I'm not lying, she was a witch with a long nose, yellow teeth, purple eyes, green spots and white hair, she was dressed all in black and she told me to come to her. I'm not lying!" Harry shouted. "Come on, its been a long day and night." Liam said and put his arm around Harry.

They went back to camp and got some rest.

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