Our Chemical Romance

Brooklyn Hall is new to Oxford University, after getting there thanks to her over-the-top Step-Mother. However, despite the stalker-worthy ex's, hyper room mates and crappy classes there is one thing ,or should I say person, that is keeping her from walking out. Jacob Collins - her chemistry partner. will Brooklyn manage her new life in Uni, or will it all just be too much?


2. Music and Ice-cream

I wasn't allowed out of my room until tea - John brought my sandwiches up to my room. I  didn't really eat anything. It didn't even matter if I did or not, I could get John to bring snacks up later if need be. Tom and Jack didn't even notice that there wasn't the usual buzz at the dining table as usual. Not that it was ever anything special, just small talk and the odd joke from Dad. However, I had never sat at a meal like that since Cathy and the boys first arrived five years ago.

               When Dad started dating Cathy, I hated her and the boys with every bone in my body. I didn't care that it meant that me and Dad could 'start a new chapter'. I  was still getting over the last chapter of my life in Calafornia, where snow didn't exist and everyone I loved was around me. When Cathy and the boys moved in, I wouldn't leave my room and I stopped seeing what little friends I had for a long time.

               It was a cold winter day when Cathy knocked on my bedroom door. I didn't want to speak to her, let alone waste enrgy to actually move for her. But on that day, mine and Cathy's relationship took its first step.

"Hey you.", she didn't get a reply, so she continued with, ",I noticed that you don't really have any winter-type clothes. Do you want to go on a shopping trip with me?". Because my Dad is a guy, he didn't really understand the concept that shopping is fun. And I had heard that there was some really good shops around there. So, I accepted her invitation to go shopping and I had the best shopping trip ever. We went everywhere! We had lunch and even stopped at the cinema too. From that day on, me and Cathy were best friends.

               My Dad was the first one to make conversation, "So, have you thought anymore about Oxford University? Of course you would have to become a reasisdent there, as the prices to get into the centre of  Oxford by train are rediculous."

"So you're basically shipping me off to Oxford Uni, with no friends and expecting me to live there too!?".

"Don't worry. I teach there remember? You won't be all on your own." Cathy said in her sympathetic tone. "Well excuse me for not leaping with joy." I said, making me smirk. Cathy was too stupid to understand sarchasm but my Dad knew exactly what I  had said. "Now Brooklyn. Think of the posatives. You'll be able to make more friends there as well as the ones you've already got. You always say you can't wait to become independant, so here's your chance."

"But I would be happy going to the other one all my other friends are going to! I'm not going to a university for snobs."

"Now look here misses, if it wasn't for Cathy getting you that spot we would have had to send you to Cmbridge instead. I've been giving you the best eduction possible since we moved here when you were 10. Do you realise how much that has cost?!"

"Probably not as much as it has cost to hire all of Cathys slaves everyday!"

"I think you should be thanking Cathy for this amazing oppotunity, and stop being so spoilt!"

"You know what? Fine. I'll go. Especially if it means getting away from this dump!". By the end of our argument we were both shouting, and the nanny had taken the boys out of there so they couldn't here us. I ran to my room and cried in my chair. For at least an hour I sat and cried. I hadn't argued with my Dad this bad since we left my Mum in America.

               When my Mum and my Dad split up, I couldn't bare the sight of my Dad. I blamed him for everything that had happened, and when he took him with me I didn't talk to him for weeks. It was three whole weeks after moving to England when I stated talking to him again.  

I sat in my room for the rest of the night, drowning my sorrows in music and ice-cream. 

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