Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

This is a story about a plague in 2070. Nobody knows where it came from, or how it happened... it just did.


1. How it all started

         "Tyde! Tyde! They're coming, we HAVE to hide...NOW!" My best friend Sawyer yelled at me. Let me explain from the beginning. It all started in the year 2070 when we just got a telegram from china saying they were sending us a present, not telling us what it was... just a innocent surprise. Or so we thought. 

         We had made allies with China about 10 years ago. North Korea had tried to take over, making World War 3 break out, so we teamed up and got the job done. Now there is just a bunch of toxic waste and people missing limbs there. 

         Anyway, the telegram came, it looked like a big piece of junk that had been in space for a few years. We weren't going to open it, but I mean we just had too. China was on our back every other moment wanting us, no, pushing us to open it. So when we did in fact open it there was nothing much inside just a bomb... tick. tick. tick. tick. You could hear the explosion form across the country it was so big. After knocking out a whole half of the country leaving the west coast China took over on that side, branding everyone with a... a mark. It looked like some type of cross/swastika. Don't ask why I think that way. Probably because of the horrors of society we had in the good old days. When we didn't have the... Mercers. The Mercers are mutants China has created in there side of the country. I wished that they stayed over there, but they never did. It was always us running from them until we tried to get to another country. Too bad China cut off all communication. I not really sure why or how but I guess we will find out eventually. 

         "Sawyer, there is no one here, we are all alone. Don't worry." 

         "Alright... It is just all getting to my head."

        "Hey, we are all in this together."

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