Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

This is a story about a plague in 2070. Nobody knows where it came from, or how it happened... it just did.


2. He's back...

     It has been about a couple days since the innocent and Sawyer and I are going strong. Well... maybe. I broke my arm about a week ago when we were clearing out a house left over. Lately there has been tons of government officials demanding that we put up a wall to stop... whatever might come up over from the other side. They finally got the idea to protect the people left from the Mercers. 

    "Tyde, I found a camera!" Sawyer shouted.  

    "Maybe we can take pictures of everything and send it to another country and get help!"

    "If only it was that easy..." 

    After that we walked around a little and took pictures. We had to shoot a couple animals that tried to attack. I swear the radioactive stuff is getting to the animals also. They are become much more hostile and fierce. 

    "Hold your hands in the air and no one gets hurt!" yelled a bystander. Wait...WHAT?!?!!?

    "You two are going to give us all of your stuff and we won't shoot." They probably think we are insane...

    "I will, but first you must show us our faces." Sawyer said with confidence. With that they undid there 'masks'.


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