I'm Kasie I'm from the sunny town of America! I'm 16 and have the best ever ,Destiny, we go to school and work hard.
What will happen when Kasie stumbles into bad ass boy Niall Horan and his gang ?


9. that bitch!

It was Sunday, a good day...

Until Barbra bitch face turns up!

Me and the gang were doing some tricks on the spot when Barbra walks passed me and pushes me into the ditch we skate in! I couldn't see anything but when my vision came back I saw Niall and Barbra... SNOGGING!


"GET A ROOM!" I yelled. A sudden rush of pain travelled through my leg. Destiny came over to me.

"Hey, we need to get you to the hospital."

"Kk," I replied. As I was lipping away I looked back to see Barbra and her sluts laughing at me.

Hold on tomorrow's April Fools. It's gonna come back and bit you in the but bitch!

Soz✌️ if it's rubbish

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