I'm Kasie I'm from the sunny town of America! I'm 16 and have the best ever ,Destiny, we go to school and work hard.
What will happen when Kasie stumbles into bad ass boy Niall Horan and his gang ?


3. school

When me and Destiny arrived at school we met up with the guys. We showed off some tricks to them as school hasn't started yet.


The bell went off and we rushed to our class. Because we don't care about some rules me and desiany skated to class rushing through crowds of kids.


Me and Destiny met up and went to the cafeteria today was…


My all time fav! I got in the line and chatted away. I got really board so I put music on and shared headphones with Destiny. 5sos came on and we shouted the words! Oh I forgot to mention my boyfriend Callum Hood! I haven't seen him for a while because he's on tour I miss him sooooooo much!

Before I knew it I was sitting down at the skaters table. The roller skaters and cyclists sat with us to but it was mainly skateboarders. Suddenly bad ass "leader" came up behind me and whispered in my ear

"Hey sexy meet at the gates after school," coz of the diva I am I turned around and said

"Like that's gonna happen," and with that they walked off.

-after school-

Me and Destiny skated out of school towards the gates. I saw five boys standing there. Niall came up to me and grabbed my wrists. I was like fuck no you don't just grab my wrists. He smirked why? Why is he always smirking Jesus. I tried to wriggle free but his grip tightened.

"Do you mind leaving us alone for a second," he said to the boys and Destiny.

"Meet you at the skate park around 5pm," she said I nodded and she skated off.

The second they left Niall pushed me off my skate board and up against the gate.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" I asked and he pinned my wrists to the gate. He smashed his lips into my'n. He kissed me roughly and wanted entrance. Pulled and tried to get away but he just got rougher.

"Hell no your not having entrance!" I tried to shout against his lips. His eyes grew darker and finally pulled away!

"What did you just say to ME!" There was anger in his voice. I didn't care so I kicked where the sum don't shine.

"You heard me," I spat and went straight to the skate park.

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