I'm Kasie I'm from the sunny town of America! I'm 16 and have the best ever ,Destiny, we go to school and work hard.
What will happen when Kasie stumbles into bad ass boy Niall Horan and his gang ?


8. here come the girls

It was Saturday... FINALLY!!

I woke up and couldn't move. I soon realised I had a pair of strong arms around me. Calum. I slowly snuck out of them and was instantly pulled back down

"Stay in bed," I heard Calum's morning voice say to me it was hot.

"I need to go, I have to be at the skate park in," I checked the time " shit an hour!"

I ran out of bed and pulled out a 5sos tank top and some shorts with my vans. After I charged down stairs to see a girl sitting on the couch with long red hair, she was really pretty and had a good sense of fashion.

"Hi," she said cheerfully as I walked down stairs.

"Hi, I'm Louis sis," I replied

"Oh I'm Louis girlfriend!" She smiled. I was surprised Louis had a girlfriend, he usually has the one night stand. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

"Are you ok?" She asked

"Yeah sorry, just surprised Lou has a girlfriend!" I said nicely.

I walked , well ran, into the kitchen to get breakfast when I nearly nocked a girl over.

"Sorry," I said

"It's fine." She had hair down to her but which was curly, brown and blond. She had a style just like me. I looked down and she had a skateboard in her hand!

"I'm Victoria!" She smiled

"I'm Kassie Lou's sis," I replied

"Oh, rad," she high fived me. Then Zayn came up behind her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Get a room!" I heard Lou shout.

"Hey Victoria I'm going to the skatepark in an hour wanna come?" I asked. She nodded rapidly then sat on the playing on the xbox.

I walked into the kitchen and heard ANOTHER girl say

"Hey I'm Alana,"

"Hi," she had blond hair just past her shoulder and high heels and bright blue eyes. She was girly. Unlike me and Vicky. Liam stood next to her with his arm around her waist trying to kiss her... She was havin none of it! Haha she rocked!

"My name is Jordan." the red haired girl said. Nice name! Niall sat on the counter smirking. OMG why the hell does he smirk ALL the time!! Everyone else left the room as Lou shouted that the game had started. Probably FIFA. Niall didn't go. Shit.

After Niall tried to kiss me again I got dressed as Calum was downstairs playing FIFA. I ran downstairs and all the girls said they wanted to come. Victoria loved video games but she wouldn't miss skate boarding for anything!!!!



Thanx for the lovely comments hope you like I need a girl for Harry. I can use Destiny coz she's gonna go out with Michael! Common Harry girls I know your out there!

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