I'm Kasie I'm from the sunny town of America! I'm 16 and have the best ever ,Destiny, we go to school and work hard.
What will happen when Kasie stumbles into bad ass boy Niall Horan and his gang ?


2. get up lazy ass


"KASIE GET UP LAZY ASS!" Louis called from outside my room. I slowly slipped out of bed and turned on the shower. I undressed and chucked my night clothes on the floor carelessly. I didn't bother to wash my hair so it took and few minutes to finish. I quickly shoved my galaxy t with black ripped jeans and my galaxy vans. I did my hair in a lose fishtail plat and shoved my snap back on (this was also galaxy!) us skaters are famous for our snap backs. I grabbed my phone, bag and skateboard then trotted of downstairs.

When I reached the end of the stairs I saw five boys slouched on the couch watching TV. My brothers gang.

"Hey sexy," I heard a voice behind just as I was about to creep out. Gez they're so annoying. I turned to see Niall smirking at me

"Fuck off!" I said and gave him the finger.

As soon as I got out of that hell hole I skated to Destinies house, she was sitting on the wall waiting for me. We chatted about the weekend and skated to school.

Soz✌️ if the chapters boring thanx for reading I need a girl for Louis Liam and Harry maybe Zayn so comment your name and description of you THANX XXXX

- Bella

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