Snape vs Harry

Harry, Ron and hermione do everything in their power to stop snape making their life miserable. ;) enjoy!!


2. We all hate snape

Harry stumbled down the steps towards the common room with Ron, planning to meet hermione and Ginny.

"Come over here quickly, look at this" hermione said, as soon as Ron and Harry entered the common room.

"What is it" asked harry, puzzled.

"Just come and look at this notice" Ginny said

The notice read; All Gryffindor students attending double potions with professor snape today, need to write an essay on polyjuice potions 5 rolls of parchment long. If you fail to do so, you shall receive detention with professor snape for 1 week and will have to do it again. This also applies to students who do not put enough effort into their work. Slytherins in that class do not have to do it since they get every potion perfect.

"5 rolls of parchment!!" Harry complained

"Snape will just say we didn't do it properly anyway, so we might as well not do it" Ron said

"True"said harry

"Hermione, snape will just say you are showing off if you do it!" Ron said

"Again, true" said harry

"I'm not doing it" hermione said

"We all hate snape, we all hate snape, we all really hate snape, trust us we do-" we all sang

"Oh really?" said a groany voice coming from the notice board. 

We froze.

Somebody climbed through the board, looking angry and outraged.

It was Snape.




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