Being Bullied

Skylar Green has been being bullied all her life the only person that cares is her bestfriend Max Mitchell her own parents don't even believe her some times what happens when Skylar gets fully tired of it? Find out now!


4. Still One Day Before Party

Skylar's POV

I walked off so fast I couldn't believe Max just downgraded me like that... But maybe he just has some stuff on his mind or whatever. I got into Spanish class and I sat in the back alone as usual. All eyes were one still I giggled and put my head down. Someone tapped my shoulder as soon as I was about to go to sleep.

Me: oh hey Mark

Mark: hey

Me: what's wrong with you?

Mark: nothing I just finally got the guts to sit by you

Me: um not to sound rude but you sure didn't do all of this when I was dressed as ME.!

Mark: Actually I liked you when we were younger you always came over my house and talked to my dad and we chilled a lot and then You came over one day and you said something about you meeting Max and how he was going to be your bestfriend too. I didn't like him ever since then cause he took my girl.!

Me: (blushes) HA yeah I remember that.! Your dad was awesome... He was a father I always wanted.. (Tears form)

Mark: (getting sad) (hugs her) yeah I miss him a lot... I think about those days everyday

Me: ha I remember when we were riding go karts and we accidentally ran into the garage and messed everything up.!

Mark: YEAH.!! I remember that my dad was like (man voice) "WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU TWO.!" He chased us all that evening!

We were cracking up and reminiscing until the teacher cleared her throat

Teacher: Excuse me Ms.Green and Mr.Carter would you like to share the joke with the class?

Me: No ma'am sorry it won't happen again

She nodded and went back to the movie Jessica and her crew turned towards us and stared.

Mark: (leans into me) Ignore her we broke up earlier today and she's still mad.

I nodded and smiled and she gasped and rolled her eyes at me and turned around

I giggled

Bell Rings

Everyone ran out except me and Mark

Mark: hey can I walk you home today?

Me: I would love that let me tell Max he doesn't have to wait up.

Text Convo

S: Max you don't have to wait up on me

M: Sky you can't be this mad at me I'm sorry.!

S: no it's not that I'm just walking home with Mark today

M: Seriously?! You're ditching me for someone who JUST started talking to you out of all these years today?

S; I don't have time to argue through text I'll ttyl

M: whatever Skylar forget you and your prince.!

End of Convo

I knew he was furious because he called me by my name instead of Sky. I'm okay with it though. I got alittle testy eyed

Mark: hey you okay?!

Me: yeah.! I'm great why wouldn't I be?

Mark: (sees something is Wrong and hugs me) it's okay whatever just happened you two will solve it. Y'all are bestfriends.

I nodded and put my head on his shoulder as we walked

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