Being Bullied

Skylar Green has been being bullied all her life the only person that cares is her bestfriend Max Mitchell her own parents don't even believe her some times what happens when Skylar gets fully tired of it? Find out now!


3. One Day Before the Party

Skylar's POV

It is officially one day before the party and it's Thursday the party it Friday (tomorrow) I decided to dress up today.! Like wear contacts curl my hair and wear a dress and heels. I looked AMAZING.! I waited on Max to get me.


I was running late to picking Skylar up so drove past the speed limit but was never stopped by the cops. When I got there I honked my horn. And got out to hold her door open. When the door opened I did not recognize who came out. My jaws dropped.! Skylar Green looked AMAZING.! Like a model.! She had curves in ALL the right places and she was just wow! I think I'm in love with this girl. She blushed and walked out slowly and smooth and just wow. She said something but I didn't hear her from my daydreaming.

Sky: MAX.!!!

Me: (jumped) huh? What did you say?

Sky: (blushes and mumbles) I said you can close the door now

Me: (blushing cause I didn't even know she got in the car yet) oh yeah sorry

We drove to the school and I told her how BEAUTIFUL she looked.!

Skylar's POV

I smiled at Max's compliments in the car. He really is my bestfriend. I love him so much I would die if I lost him!

When I got out of the car I held Max's arm and we walked into the school. All eyes were on me! The boys were drooling and the girls were rolling their eyes and smacking at me. I caused at least 5 breakups this morning lol.

I was at my locker when someone snuck up behind me.

Mark: hey Cutie

Me: (shocked) oh h-hi Mark am I in your way?

Mark: No I just wanted to say how AMAZING you looked today. I can't wait for your party.

Me: (blushing) wow thanks Mark you know Jessica wouldn't want you to say that

Mark: (shrugs) she's cheating anyway and I've NEVER seen Jessica look THIS good before. And I am so serious about that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Me: ( looks in his eyes shocked) r-really?

Mark: don't worry I was raised right.! My mom would never let me cheat or lie to a girl ever since my dad died I've never played a girl.

I don't know what came over me but I hugged him tightly. When I let go he looked dazed.

Me: I'll see you later M-

I was interrupted by Max shoving Mark out of the way.

Max: Are you okay?!


He shoved Max and I got in between them

Me: STOP.! Mark thank you and I can't wait to see you at my party. ( he nodded and walked off) Max what is wrong with you?!

Max: he was all in your face I thought he was being lowdown or something.

Me: NO.! He was just telling me how I looked great and how he wasn't lying and how his dad died.

Max: ohh yeah sorry I know Mark wouldn't do that he doesn't hurt girls he didn't even throw a tray that day he walked out. Sorry but be careful he is one of the populars.!

Me: (hurt) you jerk what is that suppose to mean?!

Max: You aren't popular Sky and you know that.! They all are probably teaming up to hurt you RIGHT NOW.!

Me: (shoves him out of the way)

Max: wait I'm sorry I just-


Mark's POV

Skylar Green looks beautiful I've never seen a girl look like that except in magazines.! I can't lie I had a crush on her when I was little but never said anything but I'm popular now and I shouldn't be afraid of ANY girl.! My mom likes her too that's why I never bullied her. Yeah I watched or walked off but never did anything to her. We made eye contact a couple times but never said anything. Jessica is cheating and had sex with plenty of dudes on the team but I let it go. I want Skylar I want her to be mine forever


He likes Skylar? NO Skylar is MY bestfriend and IM in LOVE WITH HER.! I want her to be my wife when we get older I want to live my life knowing that she is right by my side.! I'm sick of he friend zone I want Skylar and that's final.! I'm telling her!

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