Fake Loving

Alyse Willaims is a average girl 17 year old at school. She is a really good singer that hope to be a singer when she grows up. Her father is a famous music producer, Chad Williams. Only her family and her best friends have ever heard her sing and thinks she needs to produce music with her dad. When she sings at her dads company she is forced to sing a duet with Justin Bieber. Also, is forced to do something with him that will change his life.


2. School


*beep beep*

I got up and stopped my horrible alarm. I got up like normal and took a quick shower and washed my hair. I brushed, dried, and straightened my hair and curled the ends. I put on some shorts and a black loose shirts with a colorful bandeau underneath. Once I finished brushing my teeth and making sure i was perfect, I headed downstairs. I grabbed an apple off the counter and ate it quickly while watching Teen Wolf. I got off the couch and headed out the door.

I got into my red Corvette and headed off to school. When I got inside I was greeted by my best friend Brooke.

Brooke: Hey

Me: Hey, what do you wanna do we have 10 minutes until class.

Brooke: I bet you wanna go ask your boyfriend.

Me: What?

Suddenly, arms wrapped around my waist and someone kissed my on the cheek.

Me: Hey Luke. *giggles*

Luke: Hey. Lets go to class and take the good seats.

We walked to class and sat down at the middle of the class. I liked Luke,but love, I didn't know. He was just like a friend to me, but when he asked to date him I couldn't say no. Luke had blonde hair just like mine and wonderful baby blue eyes, again just like mine. You would think we were related if you just met us.

Luke: Let's go on a date tonight I have a surprise for you.

Me: What is it?

Luke: I just said it was a surprise.

Me: Oh well..

I was cut off when the bell rang and the teacher walked in. The rest of the day flew passed without me even noticing what was going on. Something inside of me just thought something bad was going to happen. 

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