Fake Loving

Alyse Willaims is a average girl 17 year old at school. She is a really good singer that hope to be a singer when she grows up. Her father is a famous music producer, Chad Williams. Only her family and her best friends have ever heard her sing and thinks she needs to produce music with her dad. When she sings at her dads company she is forced to sing a duet with Justin Bieber. Also, is forced to do something with him that will change his life.


4. Last Day


I woke up to my stupid alarm again, and got up and turned it off. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and washed my hair. I dried my hair and was about to brush it out but my phone buzzed and I had a text message. If this is Luke I will seriously be shocked. It is 6:30 and I was going to leave early so I could go to Starbucks and clear my head. I slowly walked to my phone on my bed and saw a text from my mom. I sighed with relief and read the message.

To: Alyse     From: Mom

I am sorry that you have to go through this, but you can't tell anyone else. You will take dad's car to school today, because Justin is picking you up today. Dad will have a person pick up the car later. See you tomorrow. 

I tossed my phone on the phone and sat down on my bed. Why aren't I seeing her today? Why is Justin picking me up today? I decided I would think about this more once I could think straighter and had coffee. Since this is the last day of school and Justin is coming later that I will dress up today. I combed out my hair and let it air dry, so it would be easier to straighten. Once my hair was dry and I straightened my hair I looked at myself in the mirror and approved. I went into my closet room and looked at the rows of shoes and clothes I had. I picked out my favorite pink and light blue crop top and my black high waisted skirt. I put it on and grabbed my black heel and went downstairs. I went into the closet and searched for my dad's car keys on the rack of other keys we had. I could either pick the teal BMW or the silver Lamborghini. I quickly grabbed the Lamborghini car keys and went into the car. I drove for what seemed like forever stuck in my thoughts and went into Starbucks. I sat down once I got my latte and started thinking about how my life will be after I start 'dating' Justin. My thoughts were interrupted when two girls rushed toward me about to scream their heads off.

Me: Hey. Who are you girls?

Brittany: I'm Brittany and this is my friend Sally.

Me: May I ask why you guys are running toward me?

Brittany: Oh, aren't you Justin Bieber girlfriend?

Me: Yeah. How do you know what I look like?

Sally: Yesterday we were watching Saturday Night Live and Justin was on, so of course we woud watch it! We are total beliebers!

Brittany: Yeah! And a picture of you was shown and Justin said you were his new girlfriend and you guys will be singing a new duet that will be on his album! Do you think you could take a picture with us?

Me: Definitely!

I tried to not sound heartbroken even though my heart was dying inside. I took the picture with Brittany and Sally and they tagged me in the photo. I noticed that I had a huge increase of followers on Instagram and Twitter. I already had over 1,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram before, but now I have like 8,000 followers on each account. The girls left to go get their drinks and I left Starbucks, so I could get a head start on getting to class, so I won't have to run into Luke. I knew that if I looked into his eyes I would confess everything to him, and my parents would be furious with me. I got to the school and slowly got out of the car not wanting to face anyone at all. I walked to the schools entrance and noticed I was getting stares from everyone. I was walking past a group of girl when I heard the words 'Justin Bieber's girlfriend!'. So my thoughts were right. They were all talking about me being Justin's girlfriend. I ignored all the other whispers and stares I was getting from people I didn't even know. I walked up to my locker and was relieved when I saw my two best friends Lola and Brooke. Lola was really pretty and was the co-captain of the cheer leading team and I was the head-captain. She had brown short curly hair and hazel eyes that boys fell in love for. Brooke also, had brown hair, but it was a little over her shoulder and was naturally wavy. 

Lola: Hey Mrs. Bieber

Me: Really? You too.

Lola: I'm just kidding! But, everyone is talking about it. That is the only thing I have heard this morning.

Me: I know!

I sighed and opened up my locker and put all my things in there and slammed it shut. I'm so happy today is the last day, so I won't have to deal with this another day, and I don't have to bring anything to the classes. I grabbed my phone and looked at the texts everyone has been giving me. I don't even know how they all got my number. 'Hey do you wanna hang out later' 'Do you think you could give me tickets to the concert your going to be in' 'Hey best-friend'. I don't even know half of these people and there texting me like we are best buddies! Brooke saw that it was frustrating and changed the subject. We were actually having a fun conversation until Brooke saw Luke coming toward us. I looked back and saw a figure walking toward us not daring to look into his eyes and started to get to class. My heart was racing and I was freaking out about what he would say when he caught up to me. I didn't want to look like a freaky girl running in the hallway with heels on, so I slowed my pace and started walking normally. I turned around hoping no to see him close to me. Luckily, Lola and Brooke were keeping him from getting near me by 'accidentally' running into him dropping his are their stuff. I got into 1st period and sat at a whole new area then I've sat at before. Suddenly, I was surrounded by  a whole bunch of people asking me questions about Justin. Before I could get a single word out of my mouth, the bell rang and students rushed in and the teacher came in making everyone quiet. I felt eyes staring at me and turned my head and saw Luke staring at me having confusion and sadness in his eyes. I turned away quickly and tried to focus on the boring autobiography the teacher put on as a fun 'gift' to us because today was the last day.


*skips to lunch*

Once I got into the cafeteria a whole bunch of girls and some guys were surrounding my table I always sat at during lunch. I looked around and saw Lola, Zoey, Brooke, Tiffany, and Mallory sitting at a different table at the other side of the room. I walked over to the table happily because I wouldn't have to sit with the obsessed people at my original table.

Me: Thank you guys for getting us a new table. I don't think I would've survived one minute sitting with them.

Brooke: Your welcome. So how is it being the new singer that is going to be able to sing with Justin Bieber!

Me: Fine, but we haven't even rehearsed the song. Matter of fact, we haven't even wrote the song yet. We are going to get that done as quickly as possible, so we can get the song ready for the concert that is coming up.

Zoey: I'm so proud of you! You have a truly an amazing voice that will be wonderful with Justin's voice.

Me: Thanks.

The rest of the day flew by and the next thing you know, the bell rang and school was now out for the summer. I went to my locker regretting bringing my backpack, and saw Luke walking over to me. I tried to get everything together, but my binder fell and like five of my papers flew across the floor. I bent down and was grabbing the last paper when I saw a hand over mine. I quickly took it out of Luke's hand and but everything in my backpack carefully so my papers wouldn't fall again.

Luke: Why are you trying to avoid me?

Me: I'm sorry, but I have to go.

Luke: See, your doing it again,

Me: I have to meet my boyfriend, he's outside waiting for me.

Luke: Why did you leave me for him?

Me: It wasn't working out between us, and I always had a crush on him and I met him at the studio and yeah you know the rest.

Luke: You told me you didn't like him and didn't want to go to his concert when I offered to buy you tickets.

Me: Well, people change their minds about people. Like I've changed my mind about you, goodbye.

I tried my best to keep my cool, but at that last sentence I almost fell into pieces. His face fell and you could see how hurt he was inside. I turned away and walked to the doors feeling happy that all the drama was over with. Once I got to the parking lot a whole bunch of paparazzi came toward me asking me all these questions. I was about to start running when I felt arms around my waist. I looked up and saw Justin's perfect brown eyes.


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