Fake Loving

Alyse Willaims is a average girl 17 year old at school. She is a really good singer that hope to be a singer when she grows up. Her father is a famous music producer, Chad Williams. Only her family and her best friends have ever heard her sing and thinks she needs to produce music with her dad. When she sings at her dads company she is forced to sing a duet with Justin Bieber. Also, is forced to do something with him that will change his life.


1. About Me



My name is Alyse Williams. I'm 17 and a cheerleader and singer. I have 1 younger sister and 1 older brother. My dad is a famous music producer that get mega money. We live in a big mansion with everything you could think of. I have long blonde hair that almost touches my butt. I'm not big but I'm not skinny, so i guess I'm just average. My friends and family think I should consider singer for a career, but I'm too shy,

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