A Song of Heroes: Book 1: Kings, Thieves, Slaves and Faceless Men

Treachery, Deception, Blackmail, Murder. These are the things a kingdom runs on. Of Honor there is very little, of Good men there are few. Welcome to the Kingdom of Elefess, The greatest kingdom there ever was and ever shall be or so they say. But Darkness is coming, Families battle, The monsters of the forests grow restless, The Wierwolves rise. Yes, Darkness is coming. And who is to stop it when everyone already battles each other ?


3. The Hunters are The Hunted

They'd been in the forest for over two days now. Rowdan was getting tired. Usually hunters worked alone but a veteran hunter named Roman had approached. He had the idea of banding together to delve into the Wolfswood. One of the most dangerous forests in the lands. What insanity had possessed Rowdan to follow this maniac was beyond him. He looked at the other four members that Roman had picked up. All of them were in it for the ultimate prize. There were stories that giant wolves had been seen in the forest. Werewolves. Werewolf pelts were worth more than twenty bear pelts, if you could kill one that is. He hoped they could kill one. He rubbed his arms and leaned nearer the fire, the forest had a way of making you cold. Even if you were lying on top of a fire.

A scream tore through the eerie silence of the forest. There was a long pause before everyone leapt to their feet. "Sadia !" One of them roared. Sadia had gone ahead trying to track the wolves. "I guess she found them" He muttered. Roman had his bow out and drawn already, the rest quickly followed suit. A snarl sounded from nearby. They all turned towards it. That was a mistake. A giant beast lunged from behind them, taking a hunter down with it. It had torn his head off before the rest of them could even blink. As they turned towards it they realized they had been surrounded. Werewolves were appearing from the forest at all angles. "Shit shit shit shit". Rowdan couldn't have put it better elf. "Nothing could be worse" He thought. It got worse.

A low growl stopped the wolves in their advance. Out of the forest prowled a tall, wolfish beast... On two legs. The beast was a grotesque mix of human and wolf. It walked on two feet like a man but it's features were all wolf, course fur ran all over it's body, the head wast distinctly all wolf, it's eyes blazed a crimson red. And then it spoke. "What. Are you doing. In my forest ?" It's voice was deep and guttural, it struck fear straight into the hearts of everyone there. Roman, the fool, stepped forwards. "We're hunting, beast". And then it did the lasst thing any of them expected. It laughed. "Beast ? I am a Lycan. And you are trespassing" He gripped their great leader by the throat and picked him clear off of the ground. "We Will not have trespassers here". The wolves snarled in clear agreement. The Lycan lifted his head and howled. The wolves howled with him and lunged forwards as the Lycan opened his great jaws and tore into Roman's throat.

The Werewolves destroyed their little group in seconds. Soon enough Rowdan was the only one left standing. The wolves circled him, all the while getting closer and closer. "No!" The Lycan growled. The wolves backed off. The giant strode towards him and lifted him off of the ground. "Tell your puny human friends and family, The wolves are back" He leaned in. "And we're going to kill everyone". He threw the terrified man to the ground. Roman scrambled to his feet and sprinted off into the forest, followed by an orchestra of houls.

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