A Song of Heroes: Book 1: Kings, Thieves, Slaves and Faceless Men

Treachery, Deception, Blackmail, Murder. These are the things a kingdom runs on. Of Honor there is very little, of Good men there are few. Welcome to the Kingdom of Elefess, The greatest kingdom there ever was and ever shall be or so they say. But Darkness is coming, Families battle, The monsters of the forests grow restless, The Wierwolves rise. Yes, Darkness is coming. And who is to stop it when everyone already battles each other ?


1. A brief history

Elefess. A kingdom of great beauty, founded by the five great families who now rule its five sectors. These families are each of them unique, with their own special traits. The Ironborn, true warriors. They live in the islands of stone, just a few leagues from the mainland. They are known to produce the most brutal and cold-hearted warriors. It is said one of their warriors is worth ten of any other. So long as the Ironborn wields an axe that is. The SteelHearts, fair of hair, attractive, tall. The beautiful people of SteelHeart Lineage are known for producing great rulers and fine swordsmen. The Cordayans, the richest of all the families. For this they always have a position of power in the royal court. The Ravens, A dark and mysterious family. They produce men and women of great skill and speed, who turn battle into an art-form. Especially known for producing the best archers and rangers of the land. And finally The Valyrians. Master manipulators and liars. They excel at discovering weaknesses of people they know and using it against them. A dangerous house, and not just in warfare.

These are the houses that create the kingdom. These are the houses that built it and these are the houses that will destroy it if they are not careful.

But a decade ago the kingdom was under the rule of King Strayth "The Kraken" of House Ironborn. He earned his name during a legendary sea battle where he lead a barbarian horde into the jaws of a sea monster. But even though he was the son of the king, he was not prepared for kingship. He soon turned mad with power and had his own wife and children executed, declaring them traitors in his paranoid delusion. The Ironborn supported him as their blood but the other four families knew he was a lost cause. The alliance of the Four united against the mad king and met him upon the great plains of Boromor. The Mad Kraken as they now called him was vastly outnumbered yet he still fought on. Even after his own brothers were slain. Godric "Inkheart" Was cut down by the Sir Jayme of House Steelheart. For this act of valour he earned the name "Inkslayer". The other brother, Lannister " Longstride" was shot in the heart by an unknown bannerman of The Alliance. Even after these devastating deaths the Mad king would not yield. In fact he fought back with greater force and might have won. If not for "The Sandman" of an unknown house. No one knows even now a decade later how he got into the royal camp, slaughtered the Kings-Shield silently and Slit the throat of the king. It is said he waited for the king to wake so the last thing he saw would be those unnerving Golden eyes of his.

And so the war was ended. The Sandman disappeared after he returned the kings head, but there have been stories told of a golden eyed man entering villages and leaving behind dead knights and thieves.

Lord Petyr "The Bloodhound" of House Cordayan, who had acted as general of the alliance armies was given the crown. He married into House Valyrian and the lands were then at peace. But now Darkness will fall. The forces of the supernatural are coming, and if the houses don't unite then they will fall in a tidal wave of blood.

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