Harry Styles Sister

Ashton Styles is Harry Styles little sister, Ashton is 5 and Harry is 6. They all live happy together as one happy as a family can get, But one night Ashton goes missing, really she was Kidnapped by Simon Cowells Cousin Mike Cowell, so Ashton lives with Simon, years later a big surprise is prepared for her. Sorry Guys, I am so bad at Mumbles so please be patient with me, I get severe writers block so yeah well here the story goes


5. Ugh I hate 1D

 Ashton POV: Apparently boy bands are big right now and the biggest one is One Direction. My name is Ashton Cowell, dad said I was adopted and he wont tell me my real last name. Harry Styles looks like me but I highly doubt we would ever meet, mainly because I Hate 1D with a passion!!!! My new bestie Riley is in love with the blonde one whatever his name was. I should probably be getting on with my story, so here we goooooo


still Ashton: "I Don't want to go, you know I hate them" "Yeah but I can't go if I don't bring a friend and your my favorite friend in the entire world so please, please come" said Riley, who just got 1D tickets from her dad (birthday)  "I'll go but you owe me a chai latte for the next month, if you do that ill go with you" I said not really caring but thinking of why Harry Something looks like me. We, no I finally got over my headache from Riley screaming at me that I need to remind you I need!!!! to pick out my perfect outfit, but I of course all ready have it all sorted out ;D. 



Harry POV: One direction has been going on for a good 2 1/2 years and were still going on fire. Louis and I have a some what of a Larry thing going on but we aren't gay so yeah. "Hazza who is this little girl standing next to you in this old picture" screamed Louis even though I was in the living room with him >.<, I looked at the picture and I got teary eyed I slowly said that's my little sister who got kidnapped 15 years ago, her name is Ashton Marie Styles. (Now you know her middle name) at every concert we went to I always asked if some one had a name of Ashton Marie, but only sluts and lying girls would come up and we would always check for an ID and all were not her. So I wish tonight will be the night!!


Concert Time


Ashton POV: Time for the concert and Riley is yelling at me for what I'm wearing, She is wearing a crop top, pink with tons of sparkles and legging with Aztec print and pink sparkly wedges, with her hair curled and makeup on, While I am wearing  grey Sweatpants from PINK, a red mickey mouse shirt and my hair in a fishtail braid and little bit of mascara and Mary Kay Natural Lip Gloss> actually a real thing, she soon got over it when it was time to leave and we headed towards her new red buggie. 


At the Stadium:

Louis POV: I loved seeing the screaming fans but one girl in the front row looked like she rather die in a ditch then be here. I also noticed that she had the same curly brown hair as harry and with my carrot powered eyes>do you get it< I noticed that her eyes were the same emerald shade as Harrys. She looked around his age too. During our picking of the girls I am no I need to pick her :)


Ashton POV: Its been for around 2 hours and now its time for the picking of the girls, that what Riley told me, I saw from the crowd of perfume and hair spray that some one was coming towards me, but I new he or she was going towards Riley, but no a very cute guy who looked very cute came up to me and told me that I should go up with him, I accepted but I was really nervous and shaky when I took his hand that was holding out for me, A bunch of Sluts kept whispering of why did Louis< so that's his name< Picked me and not them. Girls of all ages through 18-21 were there and curly and the rest of the guys kept looking at me, ' was there something wrong with my face' I thought. curly's beach blonde slut said her name was Brooke Anna Sales and she kept flirting with him and shoving her cleavage in his chest>GROSS< the next girl who was picked by a blonde haired guy looked like she was about to faint but at least she dressed normal her name was Olivia Rae Vandegriff. My name is Anne Brittney belles said the girl who was picked by the bad boy of the group. One more and then its me, I thought scared I was going to blubber. My name is, is is is is Marie Kate Banksy, said another beach blonde slut. "So sweetheart whats your name including your middle,"  Louis said facing me "My name is Ashton Marie, and I ain't going to tell you my last name, stalkers. Curly ran up to me and picked me up hugging me and swinging me around the stage. I was shocked for a quick second but then>because I take boxing< I pushed him of me, looking at him like he was some pshyco who needed tons of help. "Whats wrong with you Curly?" " One my name is Harry Styles, your older by one year brother." "That's impossible, I am an only child, But then I rembered when I was five and I was kidnapped by Mike, I looked around the seats until I spotted a very old mike giving me a thumbs up symbol.


AN: Muahahhhahahhahah Im so evil CLIFF HANGERRRR> Love you all my little KEVINS, did you now that family has ily in it, and so ILY means I love you. Im so stupid that I never noticed that, P.S ill update ounce I get 10 favorites and so get to it, goodbye Kevins

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