Harry Styles Sister

Ashton Styles is Harry Styles little sister, Ashton is 5 and Harry is 6. They all live happy together as one happy as a family can get, But one night Ashton goes missing, really she was Kidnapped by Simon Cowells Cousin Mike Cowell, so Ashton lives with Simon, years later a big surprise is prepared for her. Sorry Guys, I am so bad at Mumbles so please be patient with me, I get severe writers block so yeah well here the story goes


7. Truth

Ashton's POV: I couldn't believe what I was hearing, neither was Riley, the rest of the band and the entire audience. Instead of facing them like I was told in school (my school is known for rich snobby kids and bullies that would do anything to hurt you)  so I just ran down the stage and out of the arena. I ran straight down the street to get to the bus station, but halfway to the station I stopped and started to slow down my breathing. I finally caught my breath but it was too late.


I opened my eyes just to see a semi truck rushing towards me the driver trying to stop the moving vehicle but I was just too close and then I saw a blinding light and for ounce I knew the truth of my life. I knew I was dead.


Ashtons POV: 'why I am not dead, why is there so much black anywhere, my head hurts, why does the street smell so mediciney, like a fudging hospital, OHHHH......... SHIT. I must be in a Coma. Must try to get up must open eyes.


Harry POV "Is she going to survive, Mr. Bugs" "well, yes and sort of not, Ashton will not remember anything that happened in the past 20 years oh and she'll probably be blind or deaf" I cant believe it my little sister, going to be blind or deaf and she wont remember anything. Things can possibly get any worse.

"Mr. Styles, she is waking up and it appears that she is............



AN: Okay so cliffhanger muahahhaha yay so fwancy. love you all to pieces. comment on what your favorite animal is mine is a  black masked ferret.


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