Harry Styles Sister

Ashton Styles is Harry Styles little sister, Ashton is 5 and Harry is 6. They all live happy together as one happy as a family can get, But one night Ashton goes missing, really she was Kidnapped by Simon Cowells Cousin Mike Cowell, so Ashton lives with Simon, years later a big surprise is prepared for her. Sorry Guys, I am so bad at Mumbles so please be patient with me, I get severe writers block so yeah well here the story goes


9. OH Louis, you idiot

Louis POV: I didnt get why Harry yelled at me, She was lying to us and i dont even see why i like her silky curly brown hair and her entrancing emerald eyes not to mention her hour glass figure and most importantly her  warm hearted,kind dimply smile she has. Wait WAIT WAIT a second i cant be followling for this prick can I?


Ashtons POV: My mind was telling me to wake up, see the light, your still alive. but i didnt want to i overheard a strange voice one crying and the other saying she will be fine just deaf or blindness. I fianally woke up from a deep slumber, i could see but i couldnt hear anything around me it all sounded like water was filling up my ears and i couldnt get it out. 


the doctor told me throught this weird machine thingy that I should get changed and go into room d27


My outfit



My hair  


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