Harry Styles Sister

Ashton Styles is Harry Styles little sister, Ashton is 5 and Harry is 6. They all live happy together as one happy as a family can get, But one night Ashton goes missing, really she was Kidnapped by Simon Cowells Cousin Mike Cowell, so Ashton lives with Simon, years later a big surprise is prepared for her. Sorry Guys, I am so bad at Mumbles so please be patient with me, I get severe writers block so yeah well here the story goes


1. Chapter 1

Hi my name is Ashton Styles, My brother Harry Styles and my mom are very happy together. Well Like Harry I have super short curly hair (dark brown) and emerald eyes. The only thing is that I cant sing so I draw. I literally sound like a dying whale giving birth!!! Harry is Six years old while I am 5 Turning 6 in a few months. So yeah that's me and I need to go, Must go save my cat Crayola from Harry ( He will give Crayola a bath)



AN: This is my new movella and I hope you like it btw Ashton is a girl

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